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How to Install Ubuntu Touch ROM on Xiaomi Redmi Note

If you are the proud owner of the Xiaomi Redmi Note, then you know it has already received the latest update of the Android operating system. If you want to upgrade the firmware of this phone, then you have come to the right place. We detail the steps on how

List of Lenovo Smartphones Which Will Receive Android Nougat

Android nougat comes with many handy features which previous iterations of the Android operating system did not have. The famed multiwindow mode, better battery optimization and other system enhancements will grace the smartphones that will get the update. There are also hidden android nougat features that add to the ones

10 hidden features of Android 7.0 nougat

The latest iteration of the Android operating system, Android 7 (Nougat) has many neat features. The issue is that some of these features may not be known by most users. We put out the 10 hidden features of Android 7.0 nougat. The question now is whether these hidden nougat features