Can Someone Hack into your Phone through Bluetooth?

Can someone hack into your phone through Bluetooth? You probably have started thinking if really this can possibly happen and if yes, under which circumstances can someone really hack you? Hacking, to many, looks like something that happens in those Hollywood movies we watch every time. Yes, the hacking we see in movies and our favorite TV series are seasoned with some camera tricks and stage management. But it also speaks volumes of how far the world has evolved down this road of technological metamorphosis. Hacking is real. It happens every day. On and on again people are hacked for various reasons.

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A hacker is that person who un-authoritatively and unanimously creeps into your phone without you having any idea how by finding loopholes on your device to capitalize on. Wireless technology has kept us abreast in the way we use our gadgets, share information and reach people all over the world. With WiFi, we can be able to share internet by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot and letting others share internet by joining a Wi-Fi hotspot. Or we can join a public network like a public Wi-Fi.3 Top Tips To Protect Your Android Phone From Hackers

We can also share files from one phone to another using Wi-Fi sharing apps like Xender, Flashare, Wi-Fi file manager and many others. With its incredible range, Wi-Fi is widely used by many people. Bluetooth is the most ancient. But recently, it has evolved from a file sharing wireless feature to a linking agent between smartphones and other electronic gadgets like smartwatches and multimedia devices.

How someone can hack your phone through Bluetooth.

As I had said earlier before, Bluetooth has evolved greatly. Though not widely used as a file sharing purpose it was hitherto created, but it is now being a great necessity in the electronic gadgets we use from subwoofers, Bluetooth pills, earphones to HiFi systems down to android smartphone watches, Bluetooth is dominating the market. With a range of at most 10 meters, you can receive a Bluetooth signal. There are chances you can forget your Bluetooth at some point without switching it off. This is common. Maybe you are out of range from your Bluetooth headphones, or just don’t see the reason for having it switched off, this leaves you vulnerable to any hacker within range for your Bluetooth signal is not as secure as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Hackers can connect to your smartphone’s Bluetooth stealthily without you knowing considering that many users leave their Bluetooth running by default. Once the hackers get into your phone and take control of it, it won’t be so long before you realize all is not well. A hacker, once connected to your Bluetooth, can take control of the screen, apps and other vital information on your phone. With that effect, a hacker, when you are in that favorite shopping mall, will secretly steal your vital information from your smartphone as you shop. Since Bluetooth has a very limited connectivity, he or she probably will be stalking you right behind you pretending to shop.

Be it on a bus, a shopping mall, a gas station, school or anywhere, there is a reason to stay safe by sealing all loopholes to getting hacked. To avoid this, always have your Bluetooth switched off immediately after use. Someone might be targeting you just behind your back. Don’t accept Bluetooth pairing requests from sources that you are not aware. Set your Bluetooth to be only discoverable by only devices you have paired with before. Always make sure your phone is regularly updated with regular system security updates.

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