7 Mobile Apps to Help You Write Term Paper

Being in college can be exciting and exhausting at the same time. Besides schoolwork, there is so much you can do. For this reason, students have opted for free writing tools to help them with their assignments and term papers.

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You can have it all if you spend time wisely. Technology has made it easier for students to write essays and study smoothly; it is no longer a huge hustle. You can work on your homework from anywhere: write it, proofread and save it while on the move when using the right apps.

Best Tools for Paper Writing

You have to be focused and disciplined when doing your schoolwork if you want exemplary results. You must learn how to write, format and organize your academic papers and essays. Your success in college largely depends on how good of a writer you are. You will need help every now and then.

Some apps can help you ace all your writing assignments. Here are the top recommendations.

Google Docs

Imagine the feeling of having to lose your unsaved 1000-page assignment as a result of power outages or a robbery. Pain!

However, you don’t have to worry about this when using Google Docs. This software allows you to write and edit your work online and it saves everything automatically. You can also integrate plug-in spell-checking software to make it possible to write as you review your work.

When it is time to submit the paper, you can share the document as an attachment. You can also grant the intended third-party permission to view, view and comment, or view, comment and edit your work.


Just like a house needs furnishing after you have laid out the structure, so does your essay. Many students do not get time to proofread and edit their work before submitting it. The silly mistakes cost you marks and jeopardize the quality of your grades. Grammarly helps students edit all the grammar and punctuation mistakes in the assignment.

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This is a crucial tool, especially when writing a term paper. You should also consider using this tool after you buy term paper online and ascertain its credibility. Ensure that what you buy from online writers is well proofread and has no plagiarism before you pay for it.


Whether you are working on a custom academic paper, a blog or a term paper, this is an excellent tool to use. MindMeister allows you to organize and expand your thoughts and ideas for your project. The app helps authors and content creators to come up with a mind map for blogs, articles and essays. There is no need to buy essays online anymore.

To enjoy its merits, you will have to part with $4.99 every month. You can use this program on any device or online website.



This software does not necessarily help you write college papers but gives you access to information. You can get the notes, links, images and audio recordings of any relevant information you have saved therein. This is irrespective of where you are and what gadget you are using; just log onto the app.

All your notes are saved on the cloud, thus you lose nothing. It is one tool that comes in handy when you have ideas and need somewhere to record them urgently. You can share the notes with anybody you like.


One thing I have learned as an author is that every great article, paper, or blog must have an excellent outline. If you plan to submit a high-quality term paper, start by downloading Workflowy. It is an online outline tool that lets writers organize their thoughts before embarking on the actual writing task.

When the ideas are well organized and outlined, it is easy to have a smooth flow in your work. You will communicate effectively with your readers. The program allows you to plan your papers carefully, including having all sections and paragraphs in the order they will appear in the final piece.

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Another challenge that students always come across when working on essays is sourcing for information. I am certain you have encountered a paper that seemed to have some information you need, but you must purchase access first. Unpaywall allows you to check whether there is a free version of that paper available on another website.

With this app, you will avoid paying for a paper that might not have the information you need for your term paper. You save money and still walk away with credible info. Moreover, this app comes to you at no charge. It is a web extension that you download on your browser.


Hemingway Editor

If you feel like your work does not communicate the message you intend to pass along, try Hemingway Editor. This is an editing tool that seeks to help you communicate effectively using short and easy-to-understand sentences. The tool gives you suggestions on how to shorten your sentences. This makes your work more appealing and readable, even to an 8th-grade student.

When you are using the Hemingway Editor website, you get to enjoy this service free of charge. However, you have to pay $19.99 for the Mac or Windows desktop app.

Last Advice

As a college graduate, I have used several of these writing software programs when working on my school assignments. Grammarly and Evernote were my favorite tools. These apps do help you become a better writer and achieve better grades in school.

Some of the tools discussed above require you to purchase access, but they do have free versions that are pretty awesome too. You don’t have to struggle with term papers and dissertations on your own when you can use technology.

Take advantage of the best apps to make your life on campus easy and purposeful.