5 Best Apps for Increasing internet speed on Android 2017

Android OS has become one of the most popular and best OS for handy devices and is now used by more the 2 Billion users all over the globe. The best feature of Android which I love is its reliable and can be used for doing all kind of tasks, mean you can manage your business deals, entertain yourself and do much more.
So, the use of Internet on Android devices has become critical, and a working internet connection is a first and final requirement for running your Android smoothing and getting most of it.

There are a lot of apps which run on our Android device at a time, and most of these apps run in the background and use the internet to sync our data. So, these apps and background processes slow down our internet speed which causes a slow down in the performance of foreground apps which we are using. To get rid of this we need to optimize our phone. That is why here in this blog post I am going to describe best five apps for increasing the internet speed on our Android devices. You can do a simple internet speed test to determine how fast your internet connection is.

1 Internet Booster & Optimizer
If your phone often uses the internet in the background and you want to get rid of this, then this app will help you to increase the internet speed by giving the priority access to the apps which are running in the foreground.
Mean you will get rid of the slow internet by just installing the app. You can download Internet Booster & Optimizer from Play Store.

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2 Free Internet Speed Booster
Free internet speed booster is a light app which doesn’t need a lot of space on your device to run, the working of this app is very simple, it improves the latency and cleans the DNS cache of your Android device.
By clearing the DNS cache of your device your phone get refreshed and uses the fewer internet data in the background and you get maximum speed on working apps. You can download Free Internet Speed Booster from Play Store.

3 Internet Speed Meter Lite
Some people not only want to speed up the internet and also want to know which app is the data eater. Internet speed meter Lite is a perfect app for those people. This app measures the data usage of each app and helps you to block or reduce the data usage of those apps which results in a high-speed internet on the front end apps.
Using Internet Speed Meter Lite, you get an idea about the data usage by different apps which you can simply block these apps to use data over cellular networks which will keep your mobile bills low.
You can download Internet Speed Meter Lite from Play Store.

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4 Network Signal Speed Booster
Most people enjoy the Android over Wi-Fi because over Wi-Fi networks we have no worries about the data usage and other things of this kind.
But, sometimes it happens that our Android device often drops the signals which result in a headache to get rid of this problem you can only install the Network Signal Speed Booster app on your Android device and can get strong signals. You can download Network Signal Speed Booster from Play Store.

5 Internet Speed Master

Internet speed master optimizes the TCP and IP protocols (Transfer control Protocol/Internet Protocol) and helps in a boosting the internet speed, but the drawback of using this app is it may cause some problems on your Android device. But, it is one of the best apps. You can download Internet Speed Master from Play Store.

So, guys, this was a list of best five apps for increasing the internet speed on Android devices.

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