How XNSPY is Changing the Parenting Landscape?

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No other topic could raise a tsunami of arguments, judgments, beliefs and opinions as parenting. Add a dash of technology to the mix and you have opened Pandora’s Box. Back in the days when parents were calling the tune, the biggest problem was probably whether to let the kids watch MTV. Fast forward to 2017 and it seems as if MTV is the least of parents’ concern. Today, parenting landscape has completely changed, thanks to the mass proliferation of smartphones and other technologies available to the children 24/7. While the technology-run world has allowed teenagers to access learning opportunities and invaluable resources, it has brought forth numerous parenting challenges too, such as sexting, cyberbullying, inappropriate content and more. One efficient way to address this issue is called XNSPY.

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What is XNSPY?

It’s a powerful smartphone and tablet monitoring solution designed for parents who wish to keep tabs on their children’s activities on smart devices. XNSPY is easy to use, and feature-rich software that works in the stealth mode on target device without consuming much space. The app is a cinch to use and install. You can monitor the target device as soon as you sign up for it and download the software on the desired device. However, the non-jailbreak version of the app for iOS devices doesn’t require download or installation, all you need is iCloud credentials.

Remote Access

With XNSPY, you can access the target mobile devices by signing into your account from anywhere and checkup on the person you are monitoring. This is an excellent way for professional parents to keep a watchful eye on their kids.

Exceptional Features

The tracking software proffers an extensive variety of useful features to aid users to keep a sharp eye on the devices they have installed XNSPY on. Take a glimpse of its reliable features and decide for yourself.

  • Call Log Tacking

Access the call logs of the target device and view all the missed calls, incoming and outgoing calls with time, date and call-duration stamps. Another advantage of using XNSPY is it provides you direct access to the entire contact list of the target, so you can note down and highlight the suspicious contacts.

  • View WhatsApp and Viber Photos

View all the images shared and received on the Viber and WhatsApp applications with this spy on WhatsApp messages tool. That too without breaking your bank. Thanks to the affordable Basic edition of XNSPY.

  • Email and Media Monitoring

You can even monitor target’s email with the basic version of XNSPY. Read all the sent and received messages without facing any trouble. In case, you need a few proofs, you can access the media on the target smartphone or tablet and view all the images and videos stored on them.

If that’s not enough, then you can always opt for XNSPY’s Premium version and enjoy advanced features not available with the basic edition.

  • Call and Surround Recording

This is one of the most valuable features of XNSPY that many competitors don’t offer at all. It gives you the power to record phone calls as well as phone surroundings, so you can hear what the target can. Making it nearly impossible for you to miss out on any information. Having said that, the company has never encouraged the use of its software for illegal purposes. For queries related to privacy regulations in your area, get in touch with an attorney at law.

• SMS and Chat Tracking

Whether its text messages or IM chat conversations, you can monitor everything with this app. You can spy on WhatsApp messages, Skype, iMessages, Viber, Facebook Messenger and more. Simply log into your account and read the entire thread of conversation your kid have with their contact along with the respective time and date. In addition, you can track the location of both the contact and the target at a particular time.

  • Know The Exact Location

When it comes to human curiosity there is no limit. They strive to seek as much information about their loved ones as possible. To sate them, XNSPY’s Premium edition offers a GPS location tracking feature that enables them to instantly know the whereabouts of a target. Since this feature keeps you posted on the current location of the target 24/7, it will give you the opportunity to get a hold of your kid at the right time before they get into any trouble. Also, you can view the location history with this feature.

  • Set Alerts on Specific Words

You can even set alerts on the use of suspected words or phrases in emails, IM chats, and text messages. This way, whenever the target uses any of the specified words, you’ll get an instant notification with complete message details, allowing you to take prompt action.


The affordable monitoring solution comes in 2 different plans, each having varying length of terms. This gives customers the choice of going for a long-term plan or short-term plan. They can choose the one which best serves their need.


It seems that a higher percentage of the users is pretty content with the software as we didn’t get to see a lot of complaints about the product. That being said, we have heard a complaint from users who divulged the app doesn’t allow you to take pictures from the target device. In response to this, the company has averred this functionality make use of a lot resources which can seriously hamper XNSPY’s efficiency and they are not willing to compromise on it.


Spyware applications are in abundance, but what sets XNSPY WhatsApp spying on text messages apart from others is its user-friendliness and a wide variety of relevant features that allow users to make informed decisions. On top of it, the app is compatible with all the current Android and iOS devices. No matter, you want to monitor a jailbroken or non-jailbroken iOS device, it works for both.

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