Which Style of iPhone Case is the Best for You?

Pretty much everybody has a phone nowadays. They can be used for almost anything, from communicating with your loved ones to taking incredible photos, to monitoring your daily activity levels.

Most people who own phones choose to have a case covering the back of their device. Cases can keep your phone safe in the event of an accident, saving you a bunch of time and money having to get your phone repaired.

If you’re an iPhone owner, there are endless varieties of phone cases available. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what to go for. You want one that will protect your phone, but also won’t feel bulky in your pocket. Which one is actually the best for you?

1. Silicone Cases

Whether you’re looking for iPhone 11 Pro Cases or a brand-new iPhone 12 cover, silicone cases are a great option. Silicone cases feel like a second skin on your phone. They are lightweight and soft to the touch, so they won’t add extra weight or bulk to your device.

Silicone cases are probably the most popular option nowadays. Most of them come in block colours ranging from black to white to bright green. Many of them contain magnets, so they stick to your phone tightly. The magnet also makes it super easy to get the phone case off if you need to change it.

2. Hard Cases

Hard cases are arguably more effective to keep your phone safe. They are usually made out of a hard plastic that sits tightly against the back of your phone. Hard cases come in a huge variety of styles and patterns. You can even get hard cases that are filled with a gel substance that carries glitter and sparkles. They’re super pretty and make the perfect girly gift.

They will take the impact if you drop your phone, but they can often get cracked or damaged quite easily in an accident. They are also fairly difficult to remove, as the hard plastic is not easily bendable.

3. Clear Cases

If you’re looking for something plain and simple, why not get yourself a clear phone case?

When you buy your iPhone, you can usually choose which colour you want the back of the device to be. If you love the colour you’ve chosen, whether it’s a glittering gold or a sparkling silver, you might want to keep it visible. Choosing a clear case enables you to keep your phone safe without covering the back of it.

4. Oversized Cases

You may have seen people with those huge phone cases that have fluffy ears coming out of the top, or large cartoon patterns that extend way past the top of the phone itself.

They are usually made out of silicone, but many also have extra materials added. For example, the cases with fluffy ears are made out of a combination of silicone and synthetic fur.

If you love the look of these, you could get yourself an oversized phone case with your favourite characters or patterns. These are great to add a personal touch to your phone case. However, they are usually very bulky and heavy.

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