What Should Your Company Expect from an Atlanta SEO Company?

Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, US, is the most populous. From being an epicenter of the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, the city has come a long way. Today, it is home to more than 532,695 people. And the city is home to around 16 Fortune 500 companies.

Besides that, the city’s startup scene is bolstering under the influence of the ‘Atlanta Tech Village.’ This tech hub has been rising fast, with already more than 300 startups in its arsenal. That’s also why every Atlanta SEO Company has started to see rising demand.

The SEO scene in the city is growing fast because the startups need their services. SEO companies help in managing business websites. It is hard to make a new website cross the finish line without their assistance. However, sometimes one may wonder what a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company actually does? Read on to find out more.

Understand SEO and its Importance

Before knowing what an SEO service provider does, it is imperative to understand what SEO can do for your business. The name itself suggests that it is about some strategies and techniques that push companies up the search engine rankings. Considering the end goal of startups, i.e., to have business awareness, credibility, and reach, SEO solutions are what they need.

Search engine companies like Google, Bing, and others use a definite algorithm to review websites and choose which site is the most suitable for a given keyword or search topic. High-end content and optimized backend work in a website make it the best choice for the search engine. Once the search engine recognizes that, it pushes the website to the top. As a result, the website receives the limelight.

What is the Role of SEO Companies here?

To cope up and boost your business website to the search engine algorithms, you need SEO companies. SEO is a denser environment than traditional digital marketing techniques. Therefore, companies trying their luck with their in-house marketers might not get the results they are looking for.

Hiring a professional Atlanta SEO Company will help in optimizing your website. It’s not just about getting more visibility in search engines, but beyond that. Here are the basic things that SEO experts do for their clients –

Tracking Changes in the Algorithm

Search engine algorithms are crucial to track and stay updated with them. Popular search engine companies like Google barely reveal insights into how their algorithms work. It is nearly impossible to understand the inner workings without professional SEO experts on board.

Experienced SEO companies have databases of research results from thousands of websites. They observe and trace how every website gets a unique response from the search engine. Based on that result, they can figure out what the algorithm actually wants. But, as the algorithms keep changing, it is vital to have an expert team who can track changes in the algorithm behavior.

Evaluating a Website’s Present Status

Hiring an SEO partner is different from what most companies expect. A professional and responsible SEO team will always start by evaluating your site’s present status. Before they outline strategies to boost rankings, they also need to figure out the industry.

So, they are most likely to find answers to these questions first –

  • How does your business website currently flare in the market competition?
  • What industry is your company into?
  • What audience niche is your business targeting?
  • Which are the most relevant keywords for the said industry?
  • How user-friendly and responsive are your websites?
  • What about adding external links? Are your websites getting added back?

The SEO team will then evaluate the existing market competition based on the answers. Only after all these will they start working on creating strategies for your company.

Providing Top SEO Services

After the research is done, the service provider will work on the following things –

  • Keyword Research: The company will explore and find out all possible options of keywords that are compatible with your products and services.
  • SEO-rich Content Creation: Your site needs content that focuses on solving customers’ problems. SEO companies will create the right content to help your business have better sales.
  • Mobile UI: More than half of the people use a mobile device to interact with websites. Your SEO company will ensure that your site is responsive and optimal for mobile platforms.

Final Words

Hiring a professional Atlanta SEO Company will change the fate of your business. Especially in a budding market like Atlanta, every company needs an SEO service provider. With a dedicated team of SEO experts, these companies know how to bring websites to their target audience. With the best strategies and the most advanced tools and resources, your company can expect to sail through the stiff market competition seamlessly.


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