Top hardest games to beat for an exhilarating gaming session

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The gaming industry has evolved into an entertainment powerhouse worldwide, continuously appealing to new demographics across genders and generations. From simple arcades to highly realistic open-world RPGs, video games have become a beacon of creativity with far-reaching cultural impact. And countless genres now cater to all tastes.

Some players like their games story-driven and cinematic. Others like them casual, opting for relaxing video games to unwind. But some gamers find a challenge more befitting to blow off some steam in a cathartic fashion. While difficulty is debatable, some video games are notorious for demanding gameplay. So, which game will make you feel ever-so proud of earning your progress? Get ready to spice up your next gaming session with these three entries.

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Ninja Gaiden

Several NES titles have left their mark on retro players for their extreme level of difficulty. Released in the late 80s, Ninja Gaiden was one such game. Loosely based on an eponymous arcade game, Tecmo’s first entry established some of the staples of this long-running franchise, from cinematic cutscenes to magical techniques.

It also set the stage for gameplay so difficult it has been called one of the hardest in history. Many series may have toned down the difficulty over time, but Ninja Gaiden went in the opposite direction.

Out of dozens of mainline entries and spin-offs, 2008’s Ninja Gaiden II is widely regarded as the toughest of the lot. The normal difficulty has players swarmed by tons of enemies. However, the Master Ninja mode heats up with brutal and relentless attacks from all angles. Hence, working your way up is sure to put a grin of satisfaction on your face.

Elden Ring

Known for critically-acclaimed entries like Sekiro and Bloodborne, FromSoftware has never gone easy on gamers. The Japanese studio is also responsible for bringing one of the most demanding series of all time, much to hardcore gamers’ pleasure.

Dark Souls forged the Souls-like genre, delivering some epic boss battles. But it hit the hardest with punishing mechanics, including treacherous rest spots spawning slain enemies back to life.

While not technically a Dark Souls entry, Elden Ring brought back similarly vicious mechanics. And while FromSoftware’s first foray into the open-world genre left several casual gamers behind, seasoned players relished in the gratification that stemmed from mastering the game’s ambushes and intricacies.

Despite the lack of difficulty settings, though, newcomers can still delve into the dense lore imagined by renowned fantasy author George R. R. Martin. The game does have an easy mode, indeed. But as all things Elden Ring, it takes a bit of legwork to dig out.


Published by Supergiant Games, Hades quickly took the world by storm. This roguelike action crawler even snatched several accolades for its game design and artistic achievement. This indie gem puts you in the shoes of Prince Zagreus, son of Hades, in his quest to escape Tartarus to reunite with his mother in the mortal world.

While dozens of Olympians and legendary residents of the Underworld help him along the way, players do not have it any easier as Zagreus dying means starting all over again from the game’s very beginning. As the game unfolds, however, players may customise the difficulty to add extra challenges or even change some core gameplay mechanics.

For a slightly chiller session, the God Mode setting makes Zagreus stronger after every failed run. But if you feel weary of over-dying, other mythology-infused games might give you a break. Greek deities have long inspired developers, from the Age of Mythology to God of War. Even iGaming software publishers have designed machine slots for mythology lovers.

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Want your next gaming session to have some more meat on the bone? While their difficulty may seem daunting at first glance, these video games are the perfect fit if you’re craving a challenge. So, do you agree with our picks? And which game did you most struggle with? Let us know down below.

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