The Difference between SMTP and API

Emails are simple and convenient means of communication for both business and for business to customer communications. Emails are the standard method of communication between businesses and customers. Emails help in delivering fast information almost immediately as and when required.

It is also very useful for communicating specific information to many thousands of customers, such as sending email receipts for online transactions, shipping information once products are picked up or delivery receipts once the product is handed over.

Such business communications require special features so that all manual tasks are taken off and instead automated. Send email API is one of the most powerful features that many marketers use to accomplish the task of updating the systems, using the right customer information and sending bulk emails for transactional updates and other business communications.

Email Enabling Technologies

Numerous technologies enable emails, and two of the most common ones are SMTP and API. SMTP is a traditional technology that uses simple email transferring protocols to deliver emails efficiently. SMTP expands to simple mail transferring protocol and does exactly what it means.

It is a protocol that helps deliver bulk emails to customers, such as email campaigns. SMTP has been used for several years and is one of the simplest means of communicating via emails using traditional ports such as 587.

On the other hand, API is a more advanced technology that enables the marketer to use emails in an advanced manner and invoke different functionalities and not just the regular email sending protocols.

Send Email API can help use various plugins that allow for requesting information collected by the website, such as customer information (name, demography, age, product preference, price range, brand preference, etc.).

It can help send personalized emails to the right customer by creating rich emails with customizable fields such as customer names and specific product information. This makes for pleasing and amazing customer interaction with the business and enables the customers to interact with the business more effectively.

SMTP vs. API – What is better?

SMTP and API are great and help with bulk email handling such as email campaigns and sending receipts and product information daily to thousands and even millions of customers of a brand. But SMTP and API have specific pros and cons that can be chosen per the customer’s requirement. For example:

  • SMTP

SMTP is more suited for older systems that do not have the facility to incorporate APIs in their email functionality. They can simply send thousands of emails daily and as per requirement.

This is suitable for simpler communication by the brand, such as product information, infomercials and other such notifications to customers. However, they are not as fast or exciting as API as they cannot use various field data collected by the website from the customer to deliver customizable emails.

  • API

API or Application Programming Interface uses various methods to communicate with effective emails that include media, links, specific headers and subjects that include the name of the customer or the demography details and the specific product information that is relevant to the customer.

This is more beneficial for communicating product confirmations, new subscription emails, shipping details and delivery feedback emails. API is fast, customizable and provides a more interactive exchange of information than SMTP.


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