Review of the Top VoIP Apps, best Communication Apps

Voice Over Internet Protocol services allow for communication using the internet rather than cash credit like the normal communication services our devices have. At the moment, there are thousands of these apps and services. In our VoIP apps review, we focused on giving the very best of the VoIP service providers. They have all been around long enough to warrant making it to our list. Top VoIP Apps1. Viber

The popularity of Viber on Android and other major platforms is evidence of its quality. It offers the ability to place and receive calls over the internet, send and receive text messages and even text groups of up to 100 people. The best feature about this app is that it allows for calling with HD voice.

2. Google Hangouts

Google replaced Google Talk with Hangouts in an effort to bring better services to the masses. At the moment, Hangouts is clearly one of the best VoIP apps anyone can have. It allows for making and receiving calls, text messages and other types of files. It also has group chats for when you want to discuss issues with a larger group of people. Since most people have a Google account, using Hangouts does not require any form of registration. Simply activate it.

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3. Skype for Business

One of the major VoIP service providers is Microsoft with its Skype for Business pack. Initially known as Microsoft Lync, this app offers various VoIP features that are very handy. It offers instant messenger (IM) services, both voice and video calls, and -our best feature yet- online meetings. It is a feature many businesses have found use in as it breaks down the barrier distances between them.

4. MagicApp (Magic Jack)

The MagicApp (Magic Jack) app packs many features that make it one of the best VoIP apps at the moment. It comes with the capability to send and receive text messages, placing calls (unlimited calls in and regions like the US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Canada), and other features. It boasts of a huge user base and has lots of reliability in terms the call quality and other communication needs.

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5. Vonage Mobile

Wrapping up our list of the best VoIP apps is Vonage Mobile. Vonage Mobile had focused its efforts in bringing the best VoIP calling capabilities. It allows or 3-way calling by inserting the third person with ease. It also has a feature allowing the user to block calls from parties that block their ID on an automatic basis. Other features that come with this app are call hunting, a bandwidth saver, call return, call waiting and others. These features make it both useful and cheap to maintain not to mention its high level of privacy.

These five VoIP apps are the best you can get as per now. They come with enticing features with even more enticing prices since most of them are free to use. They also have interfaces that are easy to understand and make use of. Using VoIP is, in the long run, far cheaper than airtime credit.

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