Experience Non-Stop Real-Time Action With Best 3rd-Person Shooting Games for Mobile in 2019

Shooting games are one of the most popular games people play both on consoles and computer and in the last decade, the games made a transition to mobile phones as well. Although in the beginning, the controls were sloppy, graphics were mediocre and they could in no way compare to the dedicated console counterparts, today, many mobile shooting games provide a genuine, console-like experience. Even the most popular shooting games like Counter-Strike are making their transition to the phone and some games like Pubg have already cemented their place for a long time.

Although we already knew some of the games we’d like to include, we wanted to dig deeper and also mention some maybe not so obvious one that people would enjoy. Luckily, our research brought us to a nice list of best 3rd-person shooter games that made our discovery much easier.

Top 3rd-Person Shooter Games

With this sharp increase of great mobile shooting games, we decided to research what we feel are the currently best ones on the market and here’s our top 3 pick. Also, if you feel the game we pick aren’t what you’re looking for, you can always check the above list.

Pubg – the King of Mobile Shooting Games

Although this might seem like an obvious choice, we just can’t create a list of great mobile shooting games, without including Pubg. Yes, there’s also Fortnite which to an extent is even more popular, but Pubg is that game that came just at the right time and perfected what games before started. The battle royale style of combat is smooth with extremely rare glitches and the entire game runs perfectly. Controls are responsive and due to its popularity, you don’t have to wait for 5 minutes to start fighting 100 other players around the world. Every round is a unique experience filled with action that will easily keep you glued to the screen for hours on end. Don’t get us wrong, by no means is the game perfect, but considering everything you can currently play in the world of shooting games, Pubg climbs high at the top.

One minor issue that we actually experienced more on the mobile version (although the desktop version has the same problem) is that likely due to the popularity of the game, you’ll end up playing with a cheater from now and then. Extremely popular games have this misfortune to quickly get filled with people who are trying to cheat their way to victory and developers need to do their best to put an end to this. Hopefully, Pubg developers are working on that, so that millions of other players can enjoy this great game.

Shadowgun – Serious Shooter with Tons of Replayability

Now that we’ve got a big game out of the way, here’s a less popular shooter game that’s great if not even better. Actually, saying less popular might be a bit wrong since the game gathered more than 10 million downloads to this date. So although it doesn’t have a mainstream status of likes of Pubg and Fortnite, Shadowgun is a great and fascinating game in its own right. The first thing you’ll notice when you start the game is crisp graphics that are a real eye-candy. Although yes, graphics aren’t and shouldn’t be the most important game element, you can’t but marvel the hard work the developers obviously put in the visuals. And this doesn’t mean that the gameplay comes in the second place, it’s quite the contrary. The controls are silk-smooth and numerous game modes provide a lot of replayability value for any player who’s into shooter games. Finally, each map feels unique so you won’t get that feeling that you’re basically playing the same field that’s just been colored differently.

When we initially started the game we had a little bit of trouble getting into the game. There were some glitches that fortunately went away after we completely updated the game. So if you decide to download this game and you get a black screen or the game shuts down, just be a bit patient and you’ll be playing in no time.

CKZ ORIGINS – Pure Zombie Action

Although zombies in a game are about as original as having a shotgun in a shooting game, what we like about this one is the slightly different approach to the whole “kill-as-many-zombies-as-possible” concept. You play as the main character Evelyn as you explore a post-apocalyptic world that’s… you guessed it, filled with zombies. What’s great about the game is the enormous variety of ways you can interact and destroy endless hordes coming your way. From a sharp knife to the punishing rocket launcher, there’s no limit to the ways you can rain destruction. Additionally, the variety of different enemies make the game even more fun since every enemy has its weakness and strength, forcing the player to strategize instead of blindly pressing buttons until they finish a level.

The only fallback s the paying system. Although the game is free-to-play, it can feel as it’s forcing you to pay a bit too much. If you fail a mission, you have the option to “buy your way” and continue playing. This issue isn’t too big, but just keep in mind you don’t press the wrong button as you enjoy this great shooter.


And that’s it for us. Hope you enjoyed reading about our top 3 shooter game picks and that you’ll enjoy playing at least one of them. As mentioned earlier, if you happen not to like any of them, you can always check the top 10 list above and see if you find something you love.

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