Outstanding Notes On The Prize Structure Of Traditional Lottery

More than one time you have seen someone winning lottery prize. Some people winning small amount of money and some wining a lot money. In this article, we will know more about the prize structure of traditional lottery.

The system of prize structure of traditional lottery is divided into 11 winning levels. Among them, the rank from special prize to eighth prize has 18 winning lots, 9 special prizes and 45 consolation prizes.

Prize structure from special prize to eighth prize

Everyday there will be a daily round trip to determine the prize. If no one receives the prize on that day, the bonus will not accrue to the next day. How to know what you win and the rank you have?

Everyday the lottery issuer will announce the winning numbers, usually after 17:00. You will check the serial number on your lottery ticket with the serial number published on the website. If the 6 numbers on your lottery ticket matches the 6-digit sequence in the website, Congratulations on winning the special prize with the bonus value of VND 2 billion. Only one special prize per day.

If the serial number on your lottery ticket have 5 digits matches with 5 number in the first level. Congratulations on winning the first level with the bonus value of VND 30.000.000. Each day have 10 first prizes.

The same checking method for second prize. However, the value of the second prize is VND 15,000,000. Each day have 10 second prizes too. Now coming to third, fourth, fifth and sixth prizes. There will be some changes here. Each prize level will have a different number of winning numbers. For example, the third prize will have two sequences winning of 5 last numbers with a total of 20 tickets. Bonus value in this level is VND 10.000.000. The fourth prize will have 7 sequences winning of 5 last numbers with a total of 70 tickets. Prize value in this level is VND 3.000.000. To the fifth and sixth prizes you just need to check the 4 last numbers on your lottery ticket. Fifth prize will have a row of 4 winning numbers, the total number of winning tickets is 100 tickets. Bonus value in this level is VND 1.000.000. There will be 3 winning 4 rows of six prizes with the total number of winning tickets is 300, bonus value in this level is VND 400.000.

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The total number of seventh and eighth prizes will be very large. The number of winners of the seventh prize is 1000 tickets. Only the 3 last digits of the number win. The prize value is VND 200,000. The eighth prize is 10,000 tickets. Only the 2 last digit sequence win the prize, bonus value is VND 100,000.

Now you see the total number of prizes is a lot, right? With such numbers, luck can reach many people. But, it’s not finished, don’t lose your hope because still there are two more prizes. Please continue with us!

Second special prizes and consolation prizes

Look back the total prizes, just have only one special prize with bonus of VND 2 billion. So, not to disappoint the players the lottery publisher has more second prizes with 9 winning tickets. Bonus prize is VND 50.000.000 and the way to check the number is the same way with the first level, you will check 5 last digit number on the tickets.

Think about consolation prizes. I’m sure you will think that bonus in this prize will be cheaper. No, you are wrong. Bonus in this prize is better than fourth prize and smaller than third prize. It is VND 6.000.000 with 45 winning tickets. The way check the number is same the way with first level, you will check 5 last digit number on the ticket.

Amazing! With the total number of winning tickets you have more opportunities to win. If you want try your luck and decide to buy the lottery tickets, remember visit the website https://vin.fun for more information before you decide.

After knowing that you won the lottery ticket what you must do next? How can you take the money?

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Time for the winner to take the money. How?

After getting the lottery results. The winner must keep the lottery ticket intact, not crumpled or ragged. If your lottery ticket is not intact, you should contact the lottery issuer. He will decide whether you can take the bonus or not.

Now, your lottery ticket is perfect. You have 30 days from the date when the lottery publisher publishes the results. You need to contact them about your winning and the time you receive your prize money is 5 days from the day they received your ticket. The lottery issuer will pay money to you in the head office, branches, representative offices and authorized lottery agents. So better you should go there and give them your ticket information.

Authorized lottery agents, you can come here and get reward

With a prize of VND 10 million or more, you need to bring your identity card, passport, or identity card such as a driver’s license, household registration. Follow the rules in Vietnam, with a prize of VND 10 million or more you must pay tax for government. And lottery issuer income tax deduction for the case of individuals winning lottery tickets worth over VND 10 million. So, when you are winner with bonus of VND 10 million or more you will not receive full your bonus. Anyway you are winner, so let happy. You can receive bonus by cash or by transfer transaction bank. The lottery issuer will follow the option you choose.

About personal information of winner, you can ask lottery issuer keep secret. If you don’t ask them keep secret they will public your information. And you know, like many other stories when personal information of winners is published. Will have a lot of people come to your address and ask you give to them money until your money finish.

We hope the information in this article has been helpful to you. Wishing you lots of fun, happiness and luck in the game with numbers (lottery tickets).