How to Fix Game Crashing and Battery Draining Issue in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is clearly one of the most popular games on the mobile front to date. The smart fellows at Niantic did an excellent job at bringing augmented reality to the gaming zone with amazing results. It is no surprise, therefore,that the game is one of the most played on mobile devices. However, like all good things, bugs, glitches, and plain crashes also dog this game here and there. Before we delve into the technicalities involved, you can download pokemon go apk file latest version and install the game if you don’t have it already.

If you have faced any issues with the game, here is how to fix the game crashing and battery draining issues. You can also check out our previous article on How to Fix GPS Signal not Found Error in Pokemon Go  just in case you have such a problem.Fix Game Crashing and Battery Draining Issues in Pokemon Go

Fix Game Crashing and Battery Draining Issues in Pokemon Go

The first issue is that of game crashing. With game crashing, there are several reasons for it each with its own solution. Either your internet is down or Niantic is updating its servers. To know what it is, look to the top left corner of your device when the game freezes. If you see a spinning pokeball, then it would be Niantic refreshing their servers. The company uses this icon to show that their servers are being updated.

If you are experiencing such an issue, you don’t have to worry since the game will pick up after a little while. However, don’t simply assume it is all about the server. While the pokeball spins, check your network status in the status bar to make sure you have good reception.

If the animations of your game resume but your buttons are dead and the spinning pokeball is still present, you will need to take another step since it means your device would have dropped its connection to the Niantic servers. You will be needed to reboot the game to continue playing. Users have reported encountering this issue mostly in gyms after bringing down an opponent to 1HP or when launching the game for the first time and there’s no Pokemon around to catch.

To solve this issue, you can leave the app (without closing it) then return to it. If often fixes the glitch.

If that does not work, you can simply restart the game by launching the multitasking panel and flicking the app out of the list then launching it afresh. Some little progress may be lost but you will almost always get it all.

The second issue is that of battery draining. You can stop that by turning on the Battery Saver feature built into the game. Also, you can turn off the augmented reality feature in the game. This feature relies on the camera of the phone to be constantly on hence draining your battery life. You can also consider getting a battery case for your device. Good cases can even double your phone’s battery life thus allowing you to hunt Pokemon all the while.

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These are the ways to fix game crashing and battery draining issues when playing Pokemon Go. There are some more tricks one can employ but these are both simple and reliable enough to ensure you enjoy your game always.

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