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Miroslav Klose is one of the main legends of German football. He is the top scorer in the history of the German national team. By the way, all BTC sports betting on 1xBit allows you to make predictions for matches of the Bundesteam. They are accepted constantly. Klose has always been a player who was considered a star at the national team level. Yes, in his club career there are several seasons at Bayern, but he wasn’t among the first there.

However, he also had fantastic seasons in the Bundesliga. The best season for Klose was 2005/06. On the eve of the home World cup, Miroslav scored 27 goals in the domestic championship.


After that, Klose played in Werder Bremen. By the way, on one of the best bookmaker companies 1xBit you can try all BTC sports betting and find games of this team. They are covered in as much detail as possible.

In the 2000s, Werder Bremen was a fairly solid force in German football. The team even became a champion. In the season 2005/06, they failed to win the Silver Bowl, but the club managed to confidently finish in second position. The campaign itself was a peak for Klose at the club level. He never scored more than 27 goals in a season.

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So, as for Klose and his bombarding feat, it was possible thanks to:

  1. Excellent teamwork. At that time Werder Bremen had a really good roster, in which there were many star players, from Wiese to Frings.
  2. Great attacker’s instinct. The forward was always in the right place and had time for finishing moves. In that campaign, he was simply unstoppable.
  3. Improvement of many skills. For example, Miroslav began to play better with his head.

All this didn’t pass without a trace, and the striker managed to win the title of the Bundesliga top scorer for the first and only time in his career.

Despite the fact that he has only one such achievement, the striker has many other titles, for example, he is the top scorer in the history of world cups.

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