Latest Fix for Windows 10 Bluetooth not Working Problem

Are you having problems with Bluetooth? Let us look at Latest fix for Windows 10 Bluetooth not working problem. Hopefully, this will help solve your problem. First before we start, this article is to those whose computers or laptops have got Bluetooth.

To check if your computer has Bluetooth, you can find that in the Device manager. It should be listed on the device manager. If not, then your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a built-in wireless transmitter chip that enables your computer to pair with other wireless Bluetooth devices and share files or use Bluetooth peripherals like scanners, speakers, keyboards, mice and pens. For you to enable linking between your windows 10 PC/Laptop’s Bluetooth to pair with other available devices, first you need to enable or power on Bluetooth in the settings, then pair with the nearby Bluetooth devices. But sometimes things might not be just simple. Sometimes you might face problems with Bluetooth not working. The following are Latest Fixes for windows 10 Bluetooth not working problem.

Bluetooth Not Working Fixes

  • Troubleshooting

C:\Users\Technology Sage\Pictures\Bluetooth.JPG If you are finding it hard for your PC to connect with other devices, you can troubleshoot for Bluetooth problems in the control panel. First, click the windows button on your keyboard and search for Control Panel. Click on the control panel in the search results. Then on the control panel search space, search Troubleshoot. Now, click on Troubleshooting, then hardware and sounds. A list of hardware and sounds will appear for you to choose which one to trouble shoot. Scroll down to Bluetooth

C:\Users\Technology Sage\Pictures\Bluetooth 2.JPG

After selecting the Bluetooth for troubleshooting, troubleshooting will start. Wait for a few moments, then, windows will find the problem and give a suggestion for your problem. This will help you identify where the problem is and help you fix it.

  • Update Bluetooth drivers

If you still have a problem, then you may need to update your Bluetooth drivers. You can download your Bluetooth drivers from Microsoft website and install it on your windows. You can check our website on How to install drivers on Windows 10 PC/Laptop. If your drivers were out of date or had a problem, this will certainly help you.

  • Uninstall and reinstall Bluetooth Drivers

If the above methods fail, then try to remove the Bluetooth drivers completely and then install it back. To remove Bluetooth, click on the windows key on the keyboard, then search Control Panel.

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On the control panel, click on Programs where you can uninstall programs you have installed on your PC or Laptop. Scroll through the installed program and find Bluetooth. Click on it and at the top, click Uninstall. This will initiate the removal of Bluetooth. Follow the uninstalation procedure or steps to completely remove the program.

Now after that has been done, click on the windows logo and search for Device manager. In the matches that come, click on Device manager select Bluetooth on the list of devices, expand it, right click and uninstall. Restart your windows 10 PC/Laptop. After it restarts, windows will automatically prompt you to reinstall the Bluetooth drivers and it will take you through re-installation process.

Bluetooth services

C:\Users\Technology Sage\Pictures\services.JPG Certainly, the above procedures will solve your problem. But Iam not overlooking the idea that it might have a few hitches. In case you find a problem, try this method. This method will restart your Bluetooth services. To start, press the windows key on your keyboard alongside letter R simultaneously. That is, windows key+R. Then type in services.msc then hit the Enter button. The services panel will open up. Look and scroll through the list of services, represented with gears. Find Bluetooth Support service. Double click on it. Another Bluetooth Support service property window will open. Now look for Startup type and then on the startup type, click on drop down arrow to show various start up types. Select Automatic then click OK.


Depending on what your problem may be, the above methods are the Latest Fix for windows 10 Bluetooth not working problem. The above procedures, as I mentioned earlier, can only be used if your computer supports Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is not appearing on Device manager, then most certainly your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth. You can purchase a Bluetooth dongle online or from your electronics dealer.


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