How to invite all your Facebook friends to like your page

Facebook has become so popular in recent times and the acceptance is awesome. At some point you may have thought of having your own facebook page owing to the fact that you have so many Facebook friends. This is the situation I got myself in, not for the reason of having too many Facebook friends, but you know, ‘too many’ is relative. So guess yeah. Another reason for wanting to create the facebook page could be that you want to build a social media brand and focus on a particular audience say for your company or a website. To speak for myself, the second reason seems to fit my course of action as to creating a facebook page. A facebook page sounds bigger and more complicated to some yet creating a facebook page is so easy that even creating a facebook account itself.

The problem chips in when you have to get the people on the platform to like your new page. I got myself in this situation when I created my facebook page and having an estimate of 1000 facebook friends (by then), I kept wondering how I could get all of them to like my page. I asked myself, how do I get all my facebook friends to l like my Facebook page?, or rather, how do I invite all my facebook friends to like my facebook page at once? This was before I chose to ask Google. If you are in such a situation, with say too many facebook friends and you want to invite all your facebook friends to like your facebook page at once, them here is the solution from Technology Sage.

How to invite all your facebook friends to like your Facebook page at once;

To go about this, we need a Google Chrome extension. If you are using a different browser you can choose to download and install Chrome or use an alternative method which I will provide at the end of this article.  The name of this ‘mystery’ extension is Facebook All Invite. I will attach a video of this whole procedure at the end of the article too. Its said men are visual creatures, the video is for you gents.

Here are the steps;

  • Open the chrome browser and go to extensions, search for ‘Facebook all Invites. Alternatively, use the direct link in step 2 below.
  • Download Facebook All Invite and add to Chrome.
  • After installing the extension, you will see a mark in the address bar showing the extension is installed. Remember, it only shows when Facebook is open. It will look like the image below;invite all facebook friends to like your facebook page





  • Now log in to your facebook account. Go to the page you want to invite friends to. Click on invite friends.
  • A pop up window will appear with the list of your facebook friends.
  • Click on the Facebook All Invite check mark (shown in step 3 above) in the address bar and watch the magic. It will send invites to all your facebook friends at once, in a few seconds or minutes depending on how many facebook friends you have and your internet speed.
  • That’s it guys, hope this helps you invite all your facebook friends to like your facebook page at once. Good luck finding audience to your page. 🙂

Watch video below;

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