How to Write IMEI numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite using a computer

Hello everyone and welcome again to technology sage. Today, Iam going to show you How to Write IMEI numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite using a computer. First, what is IMEI number? IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification. IMEI number is a unique set of numbers that are used to identify your Mobile phone device. Every phone has got this unique number and usually it is written just underneath your phone’s battery. In other cases like the Infinix Hot 4 Lite X557, it is written on the casing of the inbuilt battery. For single SIM mobile phones, there is only one IMEI number. For twin or triple SIM card phones, there are three IMEI numbers, each IMEI number associated with a SIM card depending on how many SIM slots your mobile gadget supports.

What are the uses of IMEI number?

Maybe you are wondering what this IMEI number is. Is it just a long code of numbers that comes branded on mobile phones? Or do they have some significance on mobile phones? As I have mentioned before, IMEI numbers are special code of numbers that comes with every phone that identifies that phone in an international mobile directory. With IMEI number, your service provider links your SIM card to mobile services you enjoy every day on your smartphone or even feature phone. That is why without IMEI number, your phone might not access data or network. With IMEI number, your service provider will block your phone in case it is stolen. In case you lose your phone, report to the police and have your service provider block your phone by blacklisting the IMEI numbers so that no one can use your phone.

How to Write IMEI numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite using a computer and Fix Invalid IMEI problem

Now, having said that, Iam going to show you how to write IMEI number on Infinix Hot 4 Lite. Sometimes, or let me just say that many times, after flashing your phone by first formatting the whole flash except the bootloader on SP Flash tool, you will most certainly end up with INVALID IMEI. Invalid IMEI means that your IMEI numbers have been erased as a result of formatting the whole flash. As a result, your phone loses the IMEI numbers which in turn leaves you with no way or your phone having network issues. Sometimes your lines will lose network more often even when you are in areas with strong network. Sometimes you will lose network when you connect one of the SIM card to data connection that is if you are using a twin SIM enabled smartphone. Another case is where you can have your SIM cards displaying network signal strength but you are not able to receive a call, make one or send or receive text. In all the cases, you will be left with no other option other than writing the IMEI again on your phone. The following are simple procedure on How to Write IMEI numbers on Infinix Hot 4 Lite using a computer.

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Step 1

The first step is downloading the IMEI writing tool called SN Write tool. But you have to be careful on this. Normally, the SN write tool provided in the firmware will not work. It will keep failing every now and then, for those that have tried Iam sure you have noticed this. In this case, you will need one of the oldest version of SN Write tool. Latest versions will not work on this particular model. You need to Download SN Write tool v2.133. This version comes with Mediatek CDC drivers. Read also our article on How to watch DSTV online for free from PC or mobile.

Step 2

The second step, now extract the SN Write zip file you downloaded. You will see the folder for the tool and another for ANDROID CDC Drivers. Start by installing drivers

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\Install CDC.PNG

If you are running a 64 bit computer, install the 64bit drivers. If you are running 32bit computer, click on the x86 folder to install the ANDROID CDC drivers. In the folders double click on ‘dpinst’ to install the drivers.

Step 3

Now, after installing the Android CDC drivers, now go back to the second folder and install SN Write tool. Open the SN Write folder, then double click on ‘set up’ as shown below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\SN Write.PNG

Double click on ‘setup’ and install SN Write tool. Go to the apps on your desktop and open SN STATION as administrator. You will see the SN STATION app on the desktop as shown below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\sn station.PNG

Step 4

Now, SN Write tool is open and running. On the dashboard, click on ‘target select’ to select your target phone type. In this case, we want to change IMEI number on Infinix X 557 which is an Android smartphone. By default, the target type is set to feature phone. Now, click on the drop down key to select ‘smartphone’ as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\SN WRITE.PNG

Step 5

After that, click on the ‘System Config.’ This is where you will male adjustment on what you want to change on SN Write tool. Uncheck everything except IMEI because it is the only thing you want to change. On the IMEI option, click the dual sim box. This is because Infinix Hot 4 Lite X557 is a dual SIM smartphone and hence, you will be required to change both IMEI numbers for the two lines.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\SN WRITE.PNG

Since you have different IMEI numbers for each line, just click on Dual IMEI only. ‘Dual IMEI same’ will only apply if the IMEI numbers for both the two SIM slots are the same. But for this case they are not the same so, we are not going to use this option. Something important I didn’t tell you before is that you need to have the extracted firmware for this model. Because there are the two files you will require that is the BPLGUI and APDB which comes with the firmware. But supposing that the INVALID IMEI problem came due to flashing, I presume you already have the firmware extracted and ready. If that is not the case, you will need to get these files by downloading the INFINIX Hot 4 Lite firmware and extract it.

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Step 6

Now, down at the Data base, click on the MD DB 1 button and navigate to your firmware folder and load the BPLGUI file. Click on the file and then click the OK button.


Again, Click on AP DB button, navigate to your firmware folder just like in the above case. Open the firmware folder and select APDB file and click the OK button as shown below.


Now, click the OK button bellow now to go back to the SN Write tool main interface.

Step 7

Now at this point, you have already done the configuration and now you are ready to write IMEI number on your INFINIX HOT 4 Lite smartphone. Click on the Start button and, hoping you have written your IMEI numbers somewhere on your computer’s notepad, copy and paste IMEI 1 from your notepad to the IMEI 1 field on the IMEI input interface. Do the same for IMEI 2. If you haven’t written it on your windows notepad, you can just manually input the IMEI numbers directly into the IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 fields as shown below.

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\SN WRITE.PNG

C:\Users\HP\Pictures\SN WRITE - Copy.PNG

After you have copied your IMEI numbers in the IMEI input section, cross check that they are correctly entered. Click OK button below.

Step 8

Having done that, everything is now set. Switch your phone off, connect the USB data cable to your computer, connect the USB cable to your smartphone and wait. During flashing, your phone will automatically come ON in Meta mode. At this moment, don’t touch or press any button. On SN write tool, you will see the progress of the process on the progress bar in blue. When everything is correctly done, SN write tool will write the IMEI numbers on your phone. Your phone will automatically boot up again. If it doesn’t, disconnect it from the USB cable and long press the power button.

Step 9

After your phone boots up, you will need to give it a few seconds to finish the booting. Now, you need to confirm if the IMEI numbers have been correctly written. To confirm your IMEI numbers, dial *#06# and your IMEI numbers will show. They should be two. One for each SIM slot. Having verified that everything is ok and all your EMEI numbers are all correct, come back to our website, subscribe to receive more updates on our oncoming articles, like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube Video Chanel which is technology sage and support us. You can also watch the video below for this procedure if you didn’t understand or get everything in this article

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