How to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 PC/Laptop

The introduction of WIFI and its integration in many electronic gadgets, in one way or another, overshadowed Bluetooth. It came as a surprise and because of its range, speed and efficiency, it won the hearts of many people. You now could share files between WIFI enabled devices and share internet between devices over a WIFI network. Bluetooth was the first wireless file sharing method and was not integrated on every device. But when people realized its uses and learned how to use it, it became the most looked for a feature on every phone. As it gained root, it became a necessity.

But when WIFI knocked on the technological doors, it took control making Bluetooth use something of the ancient times. Over time, Bluetooth Inc. diversified and started incorporating Bluetooth on other non-mobile electronics. As we speak right now at this moment, we have Bluetooth on smartwatches, Hifi systems, sub-woofers, electric bulbs, fans, cameras, computers and many more.

Having given you a little history about the metamorphosis of Bluetooth, our main focus is o computers. Bluetooth has given many new generation computers a good look in terms of functionality. One thing that has remained constant about Bluetooth is the limited range. The maximum range is at the constant radius of 10 meters. But the ability to still operate your computer at a range of 10 meters away from it in itself is just something that is amazing! Isn’t it? Let us now look at how to turn on Bluetooth Windows 10 PC/Laptop.How to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 PC/Laptop

Ways by which you can turn on Bluetooth on windows 10 PC/Laptop

You can use Bluetooth on multiple devices. Say you have a Bluetooth speaker, a Bluetooth mouse and a Bluetooth keyboard. You can use both devices while connected to one Bluetooth source on your PC. This means, as you type using your Bluetooth keyboard, you will be listening to your favourite music on your Bluetooth speaker as you use your wireless mouth at the same time. But before you achieve this, first, you have to turn ON your Bluetooth so that other devices can wirelessly connect. There are not many ways to do this. There are just two ways you can turn ON Bluetooth on your windows 10 PC/laptop.

  • Turn Bluetooth ON using keys

You can be able to turn ON Bluetooth on your windows 10 computer using the Bluetooth wireless key on the keyboard. For your Bluetooth peripherals to pair with your computer, you have to activate Bluetooth by putting it ON. You can achieve this by the use of the Bluetooth wireless key on the keyboard. On the top keys on the first row on your keyboard, you will find a Bluetooth key indicated as a second function of that key, usually in another colour associated with the function key. Press the function key +the Bluetooth key on the keyboard. Bluetooth will turn on.

  • Using the windows settings

You can directly turn ON Bluetooth from the windows settings if your keyboard doesn’t have a Bluetooth wireless short cut key. On your your keyboard, press the key with the windows sign and then press letter “I” simultaneously, that is windows key+I. This will take you to windows settings. Click on “Devices.” Now, you will notice that the Bluetooth switch is turned off. Click on the Bluetooth switch to turn it on. If you cannot see Bluetooth on this page, then it means there is a problem with your Bluetooth. Either your computer does not support Bluetooth, or you don’t have drivers for Bluetooth. If you want to know if this driver exists or not, right click the start button, then go to “Device Manager” and verify. If it is not listed, then it means you have to download the Bluetooth driver from your computer’s official website.

Immediately after you turn your Bluetooth ON, your computer will scan for nearby Bluetooth devices and you can pair with them. If you don’t find the Bluetooth and after installing drivers still nothing comes, sorry to say but, your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth hardware.

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