How to Take screen Shots on Laptops, phones and on microsoft windows.

I was browsing online during one night and got a little bored because the internet speeds were pretty low. So i decided to try and Watch DSTV online for free from my Laptop. or better still listen to online radio for free. Okay, let me go straight to the subject, maybe you are wondering why am not telling you straight away how to take screen Shots on Laptops, phones and on microsoft windows, I want you to get a clear picture of what led me to share this post. As i was saying, I tuned into my favourite channel and started watching super sport. A few minutes later, the internet speeds got too low and the football that was going on kind of paused. It was a dangerous tackle and I wanted to
take the screen shot of what was showing on Laptop. I did not know how to go about it and hence it went by.

Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? Well, worrie no more, I researched afterwards and discovered it was so easy to take screen Shots on Laptops, phones and on microsoft windows.

1.How to take screen shots on Laptops, Computers, PC and Microsoft windows
Involves three simple steps,

  1. Just press the print screen button on your key boad. This will comprehensively capture and copy the image of your entire screen on the clipboard with the image having the same resolution of your desktop screen. This button could be labeled as ‘PTRSC,’ ‘PrtScn,’ ‘Prnt Scrn,’ or any other name of a similar calibar. However, on Laptops and some computers, you may have to use the Fn key (Functional key) and print screen key so that the combination takes a screen shot on your laptop. Put in Mind that you will not be notified that a screen shot has been taken.
  2. The next step is to paste the image you captured and copied on the clipboard into a program in order to see the image. I would recomment you paste the image into a Paint file. Open the paint program by checking the accessories in the Start menu for windows 7 users. On windows 8 you can just search directly for paint. Now with a blank new canvas open, press CTRL+V tp paste the image and view it. You can also go to edit menu and select paste or just right click on the empty canvas and click paste.
  3. Save the image. Click on file, then save as, select the name of your choice and the file type of the image whether to save as JPG or PNG or any other. 
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There is another simple method to take screen Shots on Laptops and on microsoft windows without having to copy and paste. You just press WINDOWS+PRTSR. or ALT+PRTSR as shown below. This will capture and save a picture of your full screen in PNG format into the Screen shots sub-folder under My pictures folder.

2.How to take screen shots on android phones or smartphones
I’m sure most of you are familiar with this one already. You probably have taken screen shots on your smartphone before. If you havent, then here is a simple guide on how to take screen shots on android phones or smartphones.
It varies from phone to phone but 90% of them follow this simple steps.

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Press and hold the Volume down key+Power key
Press and hold the Volume down key+Home key
Press and hold the Power key+Home key

Have fun. I believe you now know How to Take screen Shots on Laptops, phones and on microsoft windows.

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