How To Remove MDM on Nokia G10 (TA 1334) smartphone

Hello guys, welcome. In today’s article, we are going to look at how to remove MDM on Nokia G10 (TA 1334) smartphone. If you have been looking for the best method on how to do this, then this article is going to guide you on how you can do this easily. You can also check my other article on how to How to bypass FRP on Samsung A03 Core SM-A032F smartphone.


Kindly remember that this article is for educative purposes only. You are not supposed to use any information obtained from this site for illegal purposes. That being said, you need to know that your phone needs to be specifically Tecno Nokia G10 . Any other model may not work with the file provided in this article. Let us look at how to remove MDM on Tecno Nokia G10 smartphone.

How To Remove MDM On Nokia G10 (TA 1334) Smartphone Using Unlocktool.

Now, this article will help you remove MDM on your Nokia G10 (TA 1334) smartphone. For you do this job, you will need to have some expertise. Because it involves some hardware work. So I hope you are up to this task. But before we move.


  1. Windows PC
  2. Unlocktool. Download Unlocktool here
  3. Nokia G10 MDM file
  4. USB Data Cable.

Let us now look at the simple steps on how to remove MDM on Tecno Nokia G10 smartphone. Go through them carefully one by one. You can also check another related article on How To Remove Password On Samsung A11 Smartphone With MDM Lock

Step 1

Download Nokia G10 (TA1334) MDM file from this link. After that, extract the zip file from the file you have downloaded in a folder you can easily remember this file is a premium file. It is not a free file. Conduct me for how you can pay and get the file.

Step 2

After downloading and extracting the Tecno Nokia G10 MDM file, now download and launch Unlocktool. Remember you need to flash this file only using Unlocktool. Sp Flash tool will not work if you are thinking of using SP Flash tool, just forget it. It won’t work.

Step 3

On the Unlocktool interface, click on the MEDIATEK tab. This phone is a mediate device therefore we will use the functions under the mediate tab. Now, since we are going to use the test points, open up your phone back cover, remover the plastic cover covering the motherboard. Remove the metal shield covering the EMC to reveal the test points as shown in the picture below. Shot the diode and ground.

Tecno pop 5 pro testpoints.jpg


When removing the metal shield, be careful not to remove very small components on the motherboard. Or else you will permanently damage tour phone.

Step 4

On Unlock tool, click on the BACK UP NV tab. create a backup folder and give the back file a name. Now using the test points connect your phone to the PC. A back up of your NV RAM should be done. Kindly connect the test points correctly in case you don’t get a connection. After you have successfully backed up your NV data, now proceed to the next step.

Step 5

This now is the key step. Flashing the Nokia G10 MDM file. Click on the “super map” on Unlock tool. Navigate to the folder you extracted and select the scatter file as shown below.


After loading the scatter file, you will see all the file partition displayed as shown. Click on “index” to select all the partitions. If you don’t do that, you will not have your file flashed.


Step 6

To flash the file, click on the “Format All” Option first and then the “Flash” tab.


Connect your phone to the PC via test point. Flashing will begin. Let it Finnish. Don’t interrupt the flashing.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\tecno BD4H MDM Flashing.JPG

Step 7

Now, after file flashing is done, disconnect your phone from the computer. Click on the PER/Unlock BL button. Connect your phone to the PC and unlock Bootloader.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\tecno BD4H BL unlock.JPG

After that, hard reset your phone. Power it up and finish set it up. After you Finnish, you can now repair IMEI using MAUI Meta tool. Or you can check my other article on How To Repair IMEI on Android MTK Smartphones Using Maui Meta Tool

That is the simple way on how to remove MDM on Nokia G10 (TA 1334) smartphone


I have used screenshot of the tecno pop 5 because I did not get enough time to take screenshots of the first steps while working on this nokia G10 except the very last one. But the process is similar so do not worry. Then, very importantly, remember to use the “Format All” option before starting to flash. Then also more importantly, remember to Back up NV RAM. This will help you write it back because the phone will have no IMEI After flashing. Also select “Custom preloader EMI” and choose Nokia G10 TA1334.


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