How to make a watermark

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a watermark, you’ve most certainly read some articles about it, and most of them discouraged you to even try: it is difficult, requires advanced software and graphic design skills… Well, we’re here for you with some clarification. Obviously, without proper help, it might actually be tricky, but fortunately, there are lots of applications that facilitate this task, making the creation of your own watermark easy, quick and what is most important, affordable. Let’s find out more on how to watermark photos?

First, you need an appropriate watermark software, preferably free and offline (it’s safer and faster since you don’t have to rely on internet connection). You’ll only need to submit your pictures or batch of them, and select your watermark. Add a watermark to a photo and adjust it – you can change its position, color, size, rotation, opacity and give it extra effects like shadow or a background.

But what if you don’t have your own watermark yet? Watermark creators often have a feature which allows you to make a watermark with your sign or brand logo. And if you don’t have it either, you can choose from multiple fonts, colors, effects, and icons to create a watermark, and save it for later.

Don’t worry if you’re completely green and don’t know where to add a watermark. Some applications put the watermark automatically. And in case you’re not satisfied with the outcome, you can always change, for example, the position, manually.

Why you should watermark your photos?

First of all, there’s the question of why you should bother to make a watermark in the first place. There are couple of reasons:

  1. A watermark on a picture or a video signals that a given work is copyrighted
  2. A watermarked photo or video is hardly ever stolen
  3. All the great artists have signed their works of art
  4. A watermark helps you with the propagation of your own name or company
  5. A watermark can be tailored to a given work and artist’s style
  6. Watermarking is simple – it can be easily done with free apps or CMS plugins

In short, don’t let your works wander around the Internet without signing it – you definitely wouldn’t like to see it used by someone else. This is your art, your hard work and you need to protect your own copyright. Add a text to a photo so it would be easier for viewers to find you online and contact you to buy your works.

The best watermark software

A good watermark photo app will allow you to make a watermark or submit the one you already have, to batch watermark images and videos, and that it is affordable and quick. But which one you should choose? Visual Watermark is a professional watermark software which you can test for free during a 30-days trial. The app works offline, thus is safe and fast. Also, the software lets you alter your custom watermark: you can adjust its size and transparency, rotate it or give it a background. You can also easily edit your picture – resize it or crop it. Go to and download it for free!

Add watermark to multiple pictures

You can watermark a photo almost in a blink of an eye, but adding a watermark to numerous photos can be time-consuming. Fortunately, with Visual Watermark you can do it in no time. How quickly? You can watermark a batch of 100 images in a minute! Don’t worry, the software will put your watermark in the default position, but you can always change it in the preview.

Visual Watermark’s Features

The application runs on Windows and Mac (the newer versions), and apart from downloading it, it is completely offline. To the main features belong batch watermarking, 60 built-in icons, over 200 fonts, protection against automated watermark removal, a guide, and effects like backgrounds, shadow, rotation, plus picture resizing or renaming option. All of it in just one software. Also, you can test it for 30 days and if by any chance you don’t like it, there’s a total refund guarantee.

You’ve learned how to watermark a picture and you know how to pick the right software for this task. Now go to, create and watermark an image or a whole portfolio, and share your works on the Internet without worries.

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