How To Flash SPD Smartphones Using UpgradeDownload Tool

Welcome again to Technology sage and today we are looking at How to Flash SPD Smartphones using UpgradeDownload tool. For those who don’t know what SPD is, SPD is a smartphone chipset called Spreadtrum and abbreviated SPD. Many Android smartphones operate on an MTK chipset or also known as Mediatek chipset. Every phone operating on a different chipset, is flashed using a specific chipset developed to flash that particular chipset. For MTK chipsets, it has been easy to flash a ROM using a MTK flashing tool known as Smartphone flash tool or also known as SP Flash tool.

It is easier to flash a ROM on MTK using Sp Flash too since it has very easy and simple flashing procedures and the ROMs for MTK are also very elaborate. For SPD chipset, things are a little different. The flashing tool for SPD smartphones is called UpgradeDownload tool. With this tool, you can Download an SPD ROM and flash your SPD smartphone or upgrade to another Android version. Remember that a chipset is different from the Operating system. If you are using an MTK smartphone, all you have to do is to load a scatter file on your SP Flash tool. For more information on MTKs, kindly read our article on How to flash a new Android Rom/firmware using SP Flash tool. It gives full details on how you can achieve that with an MTK supported smartphone. On SPD, the process is almost similar, but there is little differences with MTK ROM flashing using SP Flash tool. Let us now look at How to How To Flash Spd Smartphones Using Upgradedownload Tool.

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Flash a Firmware/ROM On SPD Smartphones Using Upgradedownload Tool.

Now, there are several reasons as to why you should want to flash a new ROM on your Android Smartphone. I highlighted those reasons in our previous article about How to flash a new Android Rom/firmware using SP Flash tool. You can that article on this website. It is inclusive and has very vital educational information that can really be of more help. So, whichever reason you have for flashing your ROM, first, you will need to download the ROM for your specific phone.

  • Make a note of your model number and write it down somewhere and search the internet for your ROM or firmware. You have to be very specific. Say for instance if you are using Huawei Y360-U31, Don’t search only for Huawei Y360. Always include the “-U31” This is because you will find several firmwares for Huawei versions. And remember you might rick your phone by trying to flash a firmware that doesn’t belong to that particular phone model.
  • After you have successfully downloaded your firmware on your PC, now unzip to a folder on your computer. If your firmware requires a password to extract, find the password on the site where you downloaded it. If the password isn’t on the website, then contact the website through the contacts given on the website. In most cases, people will not give these passwords because they want you to purchase.
  • At this point, you are on the right track. Now, it is time to get the downloading tool. In some cases, you will find the flash tool zipped within the firmware. If it is included, extract (if it comes as a zip file), open the folder you have extracted and run. UpgradeDownload.exe file. If the flashing tool isn’t included in the firmware, don’t panic. Simply search and download UpgradeDownload tool. Extract and run as I have directed above.

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  • After you have run UpgradeDownload.exe, it is time to load your firmware. Click on the first gear and choose a pack file within your firmware bearing in mind that you remember the folder you extracted your firmware. Navigate to that folder where you extracted the firmware, and chose the pack file normally a notepad with “.pac” at the end. Click on “Open” you will see a progress bar at the bottom of the UpgradeDownload tool showing your firmware being loaded to your SPD flash tool. Now, wait until the firmware loads fully. If it fails along the way, then it means something is wrong with the pac file. Try to extract your firmware again and repeat the process. If in a case where by you get an error message or in case where you don’t see the .pac file or it is not included in the firmware, then that firmware is not well combined. Try to download another from a different website and repeat the above processes.

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  • This is the final step now. After your firmware has been successfully been loaded, you will see the name of the firmware at the top of the flash tool. Now, switch off your phone, remove the battery, put it back again. Click on the play sign on the UpgradeDownload tool, then, connect your SPD smartphone to your computer. Having properly installed SPD drivers, your phone will be detected and flashing will automatically be initiated. You will see the progress in the progress bar. After 100% download, unplug your smartphone and power it On. Be patient for the first boot always takes long.


Kindly make sure that before you decide to flash a new firmware or upgrade, you really have a good reason to do this. This method is strictly for SPD smartphones alone. If you are not sure which chipset your phone is using, Google your phone’s specifications. If you are using MTK phone, read our article about to flash a new Android Rom/firmware using SP Flash tool.


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