How to connect bluestacks to proxy network using proxifier, use bluestacks through proxifier

You can now connect bluestacks to proxy internet thanks to proxifier. Quite a random statement to start an article, right? We all love the experience of android apps on our computers and laptops. To enable this happen, app players like bluestacks are common amongst those with the zeal to bring the android experience to their laptops.
However, a problem comes in when the bluestacks app player and the apps therein are unable to access a proxy internet connection. In my earlier article, I did a tutorial on How to use BlueStacks From Behind a Proxy network using proxyCap and so far I have had inquiries on how to connect bluestacks to a proxy network using proxifier and thus this article addresses this concern.

How to connect bluestacks to proxy


  1. Download and install bluestacks
  2. Download and install proxifier.

How to configure Proxifier

  1. open proxifier app; assuming you have already installed it.
  2. In the pop up window, go to Profile in the menu bar, then click on Profile servers.


    connect bluestacks to proxy
  3. A pop up window will appear as the one shown above. Click on Add. In the pop up window fill in the details of your proxy network. Remember to write accurate proxy address and port. Incase your internet requires authentication, remember to enable authentication and fill in the correct login details as given by the proxy network you are using. Under the protocol, select HTTP. Incase it is noth there as one of the options, go to Profile > Advanced > HTTP servers and enable the check box therein. When you are done filling the details, click Ok.
    bluestacks proxy settings
  4. After setting the proxy server for HTTP, do the same and under the protocol, select HTTPS. Click Ok.
  5. After setting the proxy server, remember to go to Profile > advanced > services and other users and enable both the two check boxes and click okay.
    bluestacks behine proxy server
  6. When this is done, you can now open bluestacks. Bluestacks will access the proxy network as the settingsput in the proxifier applies to all the applications installed on the pc. You can watch a video tutorial  Below:

    Okay guys, thats how to connect bluestacks to proxy internet using proxifier.


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