For Consumers, 2019 Is The Year Of Data Security

Data security has become more important over the past decade, to the point where businesses go to great lengths to ensure their compliance. This year, Forbes suggest that the culture will shift from compliance to care. With US firms losing on average $7.91m per data breach, something has led to the realization that providing consumers with the right technology, rather than just complying with regulations, is the way forward.

Harnessing the blockchain

Providing data security and value to consumers in 2019 is blockchain. Blockchain of course rose to fame from its roots as the basis of cryptocurrency, but is now providing ways for consumers to find security and value in the market. While noting the complexity of the subject, MIT pointed out the increased levels of security it offers and all-valued speed. Plus, the prospect of regular blockchain integration into day-to-day life – the likes of medical records are already using it – offers up the possibility of consumers having a physical data security tool, such as an external hard drive, which can be reassuring as something tangible.

Altruism through licensing 

With most companies previously seeking to comply, rather than care, many large manufacturers fiercely guarded in-house tech where it was successful. The opposite is happening; within the first week of January, Computer Weekly reported that BlackBerry were licensing their security technology to IoT manufacturers. This is a great sign for consumers as it hints towards open software compatibility between major manufacturers, and an enhanced level of security in the home and out and about.

Governments getting smart to threats

International governments have been wisely aggressive when it comes to cybersecurity. However, this has largely been confined to defending security and military assets and preventing corporate espionage, rather than protecting consumers. Indications that this is changing were given by the US, Canada and Poland working together against suspected data risks posed by foreign innovators. With their technology largely focused on the consumer market, it is telling that international governments are looking to their tech and tech deals in order to provide a level of protection to the everyday person.

Data security has been brought into sharp focus as manufacturers slowly realize it’s a key purchase point for consumers. Compliance is no longer sufficient, and an approach tailored to the needs of the public is needed. Expect to see tech catching up in 2019 in innovative ways.

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