How to fix Most Common iPhone 6S Problems

Few things in this world are more frustrating than technology that won’t do what you want it to do.

What can you do without your iPhone? It’s more than just a phone – with maps, mail, an internet browser, games, and more, it’s how you keep up with work while you’re away from the office, figure out how to get where you’re going, distract yourself while you’re waiting in line, etc. It improves your life.

So when your iPhone isn’t working quite right, you have to fix it. There are three most Common iPhone 6S Problems in particular that plague iPhones… here is how you can fix those three problems:

Most Common iPhone 6S Problems

Most Common iPhone 6S Problems

The Problem: Poor battery life

How to Fix It: The problem in this case is often due to the fact that two different kinds of batteries are used in the iPhone 6S: you either have a TSMC chip or a Samsung chip. Use the app Lirum Device Info Lite to find out what kind of chip you have (model number N66AP or N71AP means you have the Samsung chip, and N71mAP or N66mAP means you have the TSMC chip). If you don’t have a TSMC chip, replace your chip with one.

Also, check to make sure your battery isn’t being drained because of any apps you keep open.

The Problem: Hot home button

How to Fix It: Many iPhone users report that their home button occasionally gets painfully hot when they use it to scan their fingerprint for Touch ID. Holding the home and sleep/wake buttons down together for about 10 seconds is often all you have to do go for this to go away. If your iPhone overheats and becomes unresponsive, stick it in the fridge for ten minutes and try again.

The Problem: Random shutdowns

How to Fix It: Another common glitch is for the iPhone to shut down randomly. Again, sometimes all you have to do is hold down the home and sleep/wake buttons together for a moment for the problem to be resolved. But this doesn’t always fix this issue. Resetting all your settings also might work, and if that doesn’t do it, a factory reset is worth trying as well.

If our recommended solution didn’t work or you have a problem that isn’t listed here, a professional iPhone repair service in Egypt can help you find the answer. Feel free to contact us if you have a question about iPhone repair in Cairo or any of our other services.

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