FIFA 17 is here, Amazing new features that will blow you away

The last two plots in the series of FIFA were not goal-scorers, but the FIFA 17 official game serves as a huge upgrade to the franchise. There are a lot more features than what EA Sports provided to its users in the previous versions of FIFA series, and fans are absolutely going to love the full version of FIFA 17. I am really excited and the expectation is too high. My only wish is that I were able to download FIFA 17 full version for PC for free but guess I just have to pre-order and wait for the official fifa 17 release date. And for what it’s worth, I will.

 FIFA 17 official download full version

New Features in FIFA 17

There is a huge bulk of changes in the FIFA 17. There are so many features loaded into the upcoming game that it becomes doubtful if EA could make the game available on the release date. Let us see what the upcoming game has to offer to the players.
The first big change in the FIFA 17 will be one of the most influential; EA Sports has finally shifted the game from Ignite to Frostbite Engine. During the opening presentation of the game, the graphics were more realistic than ever and there were a better lighting and details on the faces of the players. The FIFA 17 gameplay graphics will serve to be an important factor in the revival of the once immensely popular FIFA series, though it would now require an even better graphics card.

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Another big thing coming with the FIFA 17 is The Journey. Take it like the career mode of the game. EA Sports put up this highly realistic story of a young man, who belongs to an acclaimed footballing family as he makes his way to the top.The player is seen on the grounds and in the conferences as he thrives on conquering the World of football.
Another thing which is changed, and will be felt after the FIFA 17 Official release will be the new features added into the controls. There will be a new and far complex variety of taking shots and snatching a ball etc.

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Just wait and watch what looks like the superb revival of the dying franchise of the EA. The physical play has greatly improved and so have the graphics. Now let’s see how good the game does in front of its longtime rival PES. Having said this, be sure to read on how to play FIFA on a low-end computer with low graphics. Enjoy the game 🙂

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