Destiny 2 Tips and Tricks: Everything You Need to Get Started

Shooter games are among the most popular video games of today because of their exciting storylines and heart-racing challenges. Out of the shooter games out there, Destiny 2 seems to have one of the most eye-catching graphics that make it as pleasurable as it is enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a new video game to play, there’s a big chance that your friends have recommended Destiny 2. But how do you prepare yourself for this game?

Lucky for you, we’ve decided to gather useful tips and trips to help you get started on Destiny 2. In this article, we’ll help you understand the basics and introduce you to Destiny 2 hacks that can help improve your overall performance. Read on to know more about these tips.

Identifying Classes

One of the first things you have to do before you start the game is to pick the class your character will fall under. You can either be a Titan, a Warlock, or a Hunter at the beginning and choosing the right class for your playing style will help you win best.

Thus, before just randomly picking a class to join, ask yourself if you like wielding weapons like a hunter prefers being an offensive titan, or conjure spells like a warlock.

There’s no single class that’s specifically beginner-friendly since all of these classes have entry-level sub-classes. The key here is to identify the type of weapons each beginner class yields and determine whether that suits your playing style best.

Don’t Overlook the Campaign

Another useful tip for beginners is to not overlook the campaign. While it may be tempting to skip this part of Destiny 2, you get a great insight into what the game is about. It will provide you with all the information you need to survive in-game, as well as useful pointers that could lead you to victory.

Besides, Destiny 2 is known for its superb graphics. We guarantee that you won’t find the Campaign boring or a waste of time.

Create a Strategy

At this point, the next pointer you have to remember is to create a strategy. Like any other shooter game, you have to be ready when you’re about to face the enemy. The strategy largely depends on the class you choose, what weapon you have, and what your gaming experience is.

If you’re a skilled video game shooter, then being on the offensive would be a great strategy. In contrast, if you’ve never played a shooter game before, it’s best to find ways to make stealth attacks upon the enemy.

Team Up

We can’t emphasize the importance of teaming up. If you have friends who also play Destiny 2, then you have no problem with teaming up with them. But if none of your friends play Destiny 2, you can find potential allies on Destiny 2 online communities.

But before you decide to team up, make sure that you know the skillset of each player and character. This will help you come up with a useful strategy to help your team win.

And most importantly, always keep an open line of communication with your teammates throughout the game. In this way, you know that you’ll have each other’s backs in case of a sudden attack.


Most beginners find themselves hesitant to explore Destiny 2 maps. They would rather stay in a generally safe place.

While this is a logical strategy, it doesn’t do much when it comes to improving your character. As much as possible, try to join side missions. Not only will this help you earn more XP, but it will also help you win special weapons and meet potential teammates along the way.

Look for Xur

If you’ve ever come across a mysterious hooded character selling Exotic items, then you’ve already met Xur.

As we’ve mentioned, Xur sells exotic items, and these items can help you build a protective armor for your character. Depending on the class of your character, the armor can either make you stronger or increase your defenses. That’s how important it is to look for Xur.

We’ll let you in on a tip: Xur isn’t always available, and he doesn’t stay in one place all the time. You can only find him on Fridays, and he tends to be found in the most unexpected of places. Keep these tips in mind when you need to buy an Exotic item from Xur.

Use Destiny 2 Hacks

Speaking of exploring maps, the main reason why beginners fear exploring side quests is because of their poor aiming and navigation skills. But, that’s quite understandable since you’re still a beginner.

Nevertheless, if you want to take the easy route, you can always use Destiny 2 hacks to help you throughout the game.

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