7 Reasons Why You Should Choose EV SSL Certificates Over Other SSL Certificates

If you’ve ever thought of purchasing an SSL certificate for your business, you might certainly have heard about the recommendation of choosing an EV certificate over Domain Validation (DV) or Business Validation (BV) certificates. But since EV certs cost a bit more than the other options, this extensive focus on them coupled with their price might also have made you wonder about what exactly they are, and why are they better than other forms of SSL. If that is the case, don’t worry. We’re here to answer both these questions for you. Let’s get started!

What is EV SSL?

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is the best type of SSL certificate that you can purchase for your company. It’s superior than DV and BV certificates because it comes after rigorous vetting of your business credentials and offers the highest authenticity to your website. It also follows better security standards than other types of certificates, and that is why it costs more than other certificates.

With this brief overview in mind, now we can look on some of the benefits offered by it to have a better understanding of why it’s suggested more than other types of SSL certificates. Here we go:

7 Benefits of EV SSL Certificates

Here are 7 reasons to choose EV SSL over any other type of SSL certificate:

#1. Increased security

EV SSL certificates are the most difficult ones to hack for any cybercriminal. It’s almost impossible for any hacker to perform Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) or Phishing attacks when an EV SSL certificate is protecting the website, because both these types of attacks involve the game of identity deception, which is made almost impossible due to the extensive vetting procedure of EV SSL certificates. Spoofing your company’s identity and obtaining a similar EV certificate is impossible.

#2. Minimal efforts required

Unlike BV SSL certificates that require you to get your documents attested by the local authorities, the application of EV SSL certificates rids you of that requirement. Getting an EV SSL certificate is easier than any other kind of SSL certificate, because it requires minimal effort on your part. All you need to do is only providing the necessary documents to Certifying Authority (CA), as most of the verification and vetting related to your business is done by the CA itself in the background. The documents are verified, and if found correct then your EV SSL certificate is issued immediately. You don’t get to do the hard work yourself!

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However, despite the minimal work required to get them EV SSL certificates provide highest level of security for your website. Clearly, it’s the best of both words – minimal efforts, yet the best possible security.

#3. Increased trust in your brand

An EV SSL certificate increases the trust of your customers in your business. That is because EV SSL certificates show the name of your company before the URL, and tech savvy users can easily recognize them. EV SSL certificates are an easy way of showing your brand reputation, which will lead your company to more brand recognition, less bounce rate and least cart abandonment. The power of a trustworthy brand can’t be underestimated, and the power of EV SSL certificates in getting that trustworthy brand can also not be neglected.

#4. Protection to employees

If your website is targeted through phishing or any other kind of cyberattack, your employees may also become victims of that attack when they try to access the backend of site. If their workstations are hacked, you can’t imagine how much information about your organization can be stolen from those hacked workstations. In that situation the scope of your losses suddenly expands by many orders of magnitude. EV SSL certificates protect you and your employees from that nightmare.

#5. Easier compliance

If you use an EV SSL certificate it will also be easier for your organization to comply with various license requirements related to your business. For instance, compliance with PCI-DSS standards or IRS guidelines requires your website to be protected by an EV SSL certificate. In addition to that HIPAA, HITECH, FISMA and a whole lot of other licenses also require website owners to take every necessary step for protecting the user information of their customers. Clearly, having an EV SSL certificate to protect your website helps you in complying with all these requirements.

#6. Competitive edge

Cart abandonment is a real issue. And it’s a big issue, with rates going as high as 75 percent! In such a situation you should not leave any reason for your customers to not purchase from you, otherwise they’ll shop from your competitors! Having an EV SSL certificate protecting your website strikes off one more reason from their list to choose your competitors over you, adding to your competitive edge. Customers easily recognise true business identity that EV SSL offers.

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#7. Future preparedness

The future belongs to EV SSL certificates. As world is waking up to understand the needs of higher cybersecurity standards, the requirement of EV SSL certificates is becoming more and more common across the globe. And this trend will continue. By protecting your site with this highest grade of SSL certificates today you can be prepared for future. If any requirement makes EV SSL necessary for your company in future, you won’t have to worry about it as your site will already be having it if you start to take step now. It’s staying a step ahead in the game!

#8. Increased Conversions:

EV SSL helps website owners to increase site conversions as visitors will confidently deal with the website. EV SSL adds legitimacy aspect to the website, when customer or visitors show a green padlock on your website, they will likely to browse the website without any hesitation. A company name shown in address bar assures visitors that they are dealing with the correct website. As a result, the overall sales of your website will grow in near future.

#9. Code Authenticity:

Besides EV SSL, you will find EV Code signing certificate that authenticate software code with vigorous verification process and eliminates warning pop up in Windows and OS arise due to illegal software code. EV code signing certificate assures that the application or software users are downloading is verified by highest validation and safe to download. Even Microsoft SmartScreen browser is compatible with EV code signing certificate.


So, the above reasons to choose EV SSL certificates over any other kind of SSL certificates. The benefits are certainly not limited to explained benefits alone, but these are the biggest ones among them. Different providers are there in the market and their price may vary but mostly features are same for same product. You should better research then decide to purchase EV SSL. One the cost-efficient provider you can keep its name in your checklist is SSL2BUY. It will cost you at affordable price with desired features. Purchasing these certificates has also got more and more affordable over the course of time, which doesn’t leave much of a reason to not choose them. So, get yours from any CA of your choice before it’s too late!