6 ways to unlock android lock screen without the password

Have you locked your Android lock screen and unlocking it is bringing nightmares? Let us look at 6 ways to unlock android lock screen without the password. This article will guide you through various ways with which you can unlock your android lock screen. For privacy purposes, many people prefer to have a lock on their smartphones. For security reasons, it is also good that you lock your lock screen with a pin, password or pattern. You don’t know the hands your phone might fall into. Human beings have a tendency of forgetting. When setting a security lock screen, usually you have to key in the password, pattern or pin a second time for purposes of verification. Read Also: How to Unlock Huawei E303 Modem for Free Using Unlock codes

After successful lock screen set up, it seems too obvious that you will not, under any circumstances forget the seemingly too certain lock screen. But it can be alarming when you want to use your phone, only to realize that you can’t go past your lock screen! The moment you try severally without success, your mind starts racing leaving you with this question; What next? Let me walk you through various ways to unlock android lock screen. It might help you solve your problems.6 ways to unlock android lock screen without the password

6 Ways to unlock android lock screen without password.

1.Using Android Device Manager.

Android Device manager comes pre-installed. To other versions of Android, it is called Find phone. Just go to www.google.com/android/find and log in using your email or Google account mail that you use on your phone. You will see all devices you have ever signed in using your Gmail account. Select your phone(one whose lock screen you have forgotten). You will see options RING, ERASE and LOCK. Select “LOCK” and input the desired PIN you want to lock with. Then, now take your phone( the locked one), and input the PIN you have locked with on ADM on google. It should unlock but your phone should be connected to the internet prior to locking. Due to this, this method might work for very few people. Try method 2.

2.Using Forgot Pattern Method.

Only smartphones running KitKat and below will do. Android 5 lollipop and above will not work. After attempting with a wrong pattern, at the bottom of the screen you will see “Forgot pattern”. Select it. Then select the way you want to unlock your phone by either answering google security question or unlocking with google account details. If you are on Android 5 and above, pass.

3.Using Safe mode.

If you are using a lock screen from a third party lock screen app, this method will work for you. Just switch your phone into safe mode by: long pressing the power key to reveal the power menu. On power menu, tap ” power off” and hold it to see safe mode. The phone will prompt you to choose if you want to reboot into safe mode. Click “OK”. Your phone will then boot into safe mode disabling all third-party apps including your lock screen third-party app. Go to settings and navigate to apps and remove the app that you used to lock your screen.

4.Using Third party App.

If you have a third party tracker app like Androidlost, Cerberus or any, just go to their websites and lock your phone with the password of your choice. Androidlost provides features where you can unlock your phone by sending a text message to your phone from a trusted number you set. Some features are provided with Cerberus and other apps.

5.By performing factory reset.

This should be the very last option, for factory reset removes everything and wipes your data. But if you are on the wall and have no other option, switch off your phone. Press the power button and volume down button simultaneously. A recovery menu will appear. Scroll with the volume up/down keys to get to ” Wipe data/factory reset”. Select it with the power key. Then confirm by scrolling to “Yes”. Your phone will now boot into recovery.

6.Using Samsung’s ‘Find my Phone’ feature.

If you own a SAMSUNG device, there is a feature almost same to android device manager. Go to Samsung account and log in with your credentials. After successfully logging in to your Samsung account, go to ” Lock screen” button, choose a PIN you want to lock your screen with. Now, unlock your screen with the new PIN.

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