The 6 Best 7 Inch Android Tablets Available in the Market with Cheap Price

If you are in the market for an Android tablet that is cheap yet worth your time, the options are many. You might need to consider our 6 best 7 inch Android tablets in the market with cheap prices as we have rounded up the best of them all.

Best 7 Inch Android Tablets Available in the Market with Cheap PriceBest 7 Inch Android Tablets

  1. Amazon Fire HD 6

For just $39.99, this is your best tablet on a budget. It comes with the Amazon suite of apps and services making it easy to shop, watch movies and play games. Even some work can be done on the device without incurring a mountain of costs.

  1. Amazon Fire 7

Amazon set out to create budget tablets that cost next to nothing yet deliver everything one would want in a tablet. It is not a surprise that the Fire 7 features a screen 7 inches large and delivers exactly as Amazon promised. Everything runs smoothly on this device from games to books to videos and other content. It is thus a great e-reader and one for catching movies on the go.

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8

The third device from Amazon that will meet your tablet needs is this one. It comes with the Amazon features fully baked in to allow you access the services you need. Even better, it costs far much less than other 8-inch tablets such as those from Samsung and others yet performs very well.

  1. Amazon Fire HD 10

It seems Amazon is the king of budget tablets. Finishing off our top four on our list of the 6 best 7 inch Android tablets in the market for a cheap price is the Fire HD 10. It features a 10 inch screen which is large enough to enjoy content with loved ones right after downloading them. With a HD screen and low price, you have every reason to smile.

  1. Asus ZenPad S 8.0

The ZenPad S 8.0 (also ZenPad Z580C) is one of the best budget tablets from Asus. Not only is it cheap (about $130), it also packs premium features which many will enjoy. It looks better than your average tablet and delivers far more than what its price can deliver in other tablets.

  1. Amazon Fire

Yes. We’re not yet done with Amazon. One would ask why the Amazon Fire is doing on this list yet it does not have an HD screen or the latest processor. However, for about $34 and with the full suite of Amazon and Google apps, you have a definite winner in this one.

The advice here is to go for established companies. There are thousands of firms churning out cheap Android tablet devices but you will be disappointed for spending your money on them. Amazon has won many industry awards for excellent service hence will always have your back when you get into issues. We could include a few more names but these 6 are all you need.

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