5 Great Reasons to Include Augmented Reality in Your Marketing Strategy

Augmented reality or AR refers to a live view of the real physical world where the elements are complemented by computer graphics, sound, or video. Reality is enriched with overlays of computer effects, which aids significantly in entertaining, informing, or educating viewers.

AR has numerous applications that can be used in various industries. It has made its way into education, healthcare and medicine, architecture and engineering, and even fashion.

AR is also becoming a popular tool in marketing and advertising. With the right augmented reality solutions, businesses will have a promotional tool that will effectively reach their target audience and increase engagement.

Why Use Augmented Reality

As a business owner, including AR in your marketing and advertising arsenal will allow you to enjoy the following benefits:


Consumers today are always looking for new, exciting things. Augmented reality is still a relatively new concept that is still not used by many industries.

Because of this, by investing in AR, you will have a marketing tool that is guaranteed to stand out. It will evoke futurism, originality, and progress that most people will find interesting and hard to ignore.

Additionally, augmented reality naturally attracts and awakens people’s curiosity. This type of technology encourages viewers to be curious about how it works and generate buzz about it. Because of this, it is an excellent tool that can make your marketing campaign go viral and expand through word of mouth.

Enhanced emotional connection

Since AR technology will enable you to connect on a more personal and sensory level with customers, you will also be promoting greater interactivity in the selling and purchasing process.

Augmented reality does this by creating an emotional link between what the buyer is looking for and what your product or service can offer. It gives whatever you are offering a personal feel which will help consumers picture clearly what they can do and gain from it.

Additionally, by reaching out to your audience on a more personal level, you make your ad more memorable for viewers. This will further boost the level of interactivity and engagement of your audience.


Geotargeting refers to the method of pinpointing the location of your app user. With the information you get from AR technology, you can immerse users in a personalized brand experience regardless of where they are in the world.

For instance, if you own a restaurant chain, your AR app should instantly lock onto your users’ location and direct them to the nearest branch. It should also highlight items on the local menu that they won’t find in other dining establishments.

Geo-location advertising is a critical marketing strategy for any business. After all, spending money to reach your target audience or whom you perceive as the right customers is a smart move. It will always be a better investment move since there is no assurance that overspending on a large-scale, national campaign will allow you to reach and engage your intended demographic.

Improved customer experience

With more attractive, interesting ads that offer personalized experiences, your target audience will feel increasingly valued. Because of this, they are likely to react positively to your brand and any advertisement you release. This, in turn, will further help improve the status of your brand.

Additionally, well-thought-out custom AR ads can take customer experience to the next level. With the right applications, you can equip users to download their own media and create custom content.

With this capability, you can successfully promote your brand, product, or service while still providing a personal and satisfactory experience for each customer.

Higher sales

Since AR technology effectively promotes your products or services, your business will soon experience a boost in sales.

First off, once you use an AR ad, you will observe an increase in your offline sales. This is because augmented reality brings offline experiences to online sales since it enhances the interactivity of your app or website.

Improved brand visibility will help drive up sales as well.

Additionally, if you include virtual try-ons in your app or website, you will, again, boost your sales. By allowing customers to try on your products virtually in their home or wherever they are located, you are giving them more opportunities to find and select the products they like the most.

Virtual try-ons also enable customers to try different products without feeling the pressure of having to buy something before your shop closes. Since they feel more relaxed, the chances of them purchasing an item is higher.

Augmented reality can be an indispensable marketing tool that will drive sales for your business. But to experience all these benefits, you need to work with the best VR and AR companies to ensure you will invest in the right solution that will prove to be effective and profitable for your enterprise.

About the Author:

Judit Chackal is responsible for the marketing, communication, and business development efforts of Reach MENA and its sister company, SENSE-R, the leading MENA-based virtual reality developer for VR branding projects and Industrial Training Simulators. She has over a decade of experience in delivering strategic marketing & business development visions for global clients in the travel, hospitality, events and education sectors. Her passion for content and experiential marketing led her to the field of virtual reality project development.

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