5 Essential Examples of Business Technology for Small Business Owners

If you’re looking to boost productivity in your small business, business technology could be the answer. Here are 5 examples of business tech worth trying.

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Is your small business making the most of technology?

If you’re looking to boost your productivity, then technology could be the answer. Whether you want to be more efficient, secure or connected, technology has the answer.

Read on for 5 examples of business technology worth trying.

1. Chatbots

Chatbots can answer simple questions without having to bother your customer service team. This gives customers faster response times, and reduce the load on your staff.

Chatbots are one way in which machine learning can boost your productivity. Machine learning allows you to “train” the chatbots by looking over previous transcripts. This means that after you add one to your website, the service it provides will get better and better.

2. Video Conferencing

Working from home is becoming common, but can lead to disconnects between employees. Phone and email can keep people connected, but it isn’t the same as being face-to-face. That’s where video conferencing comes in.

Video conferencing allows your staff to collaborate in the workplace, wherever they are. Staff can see visual cues from their co-workers, and people are more open in person. There are many options for video conferencing, including the ubiquitous Skype for Business.

3. Cloud

The Cloud has opened up many services that were beyond the means of small businesses.

Backup and Disaster recovery are the most universal applications. Physical solutions are time-consuming and expensive compared to the cloud. Cloud systems are simple to set up and need very little maintenance. The time saved backing up will allow your IT team to focus on real issues.

In fact, Cloud backups are better as they are completely isolated from your business. Even the worst disaster won’t endanger them.

4. Marketing Automation

Even if you offer the best products on the market, without good marketing you won’t succeed. Marketing automation helps you improve your marketing.

Marketing automation takes many repetitive processes out of the hands of your employees. This not only reduces the chance of human error but frees them up for more important tasks.

Software solutions make tracking and reporting a thing of the past, and your employees will be glad of it!

5. Security

Cyber attacks are a threat that no company can afford to ignore.

Viruses and malware are a constant threat, and any employee could expose your network. You should make sure that your programs are up to date, and your network secure.

An antivirus program and firewall and essential to any business. Your firewall will stop anything entering your network without your say so. Your antivirus will find anything on your network that is a threat and quarantine it.

Using Business Technology

As you can see, business technology provides plenty of ways to improve your business. Automation and moving to the cloud will free up a lot of your employees time, letting them focus on other tasks. Your business will also be better protected, both from online threats and disasters.

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