5 Crucial Aspects of Testimonial Video Production That You Can’t Overlook

Melbourne’s economic growth rate is around 12.5%. When it comes to video marketing, testimonial videos are one of the most effective ways for your business to connect with customers. Video testimonials elicit an emotional response from viewers and provide social proof, both of which can help you win more sales.

However, there are a few production and editing-related pitfalls that can derail even the best-laid plans. If you’re just getting started with video marketing or have never produced a testimony video before, here are five tips for creating successful testimonial videos. Experts specialising in testimonial video production in Melbourne can help you create ideal interview videos. 

Plan Ahead

Over 78% of Melbourne’s population is employed. Creating a testimonial video production in Melbourne can give a significant boost to your business. Creating successful interview videos typically requires some planning ahead of time. A testimonial video is no different in this regard. You should have content written out so that the person being interviewed has an idea of what to expect beforehand—otherwise, you risk having too much dead air on camera.

Know the Boring Parts Are Going to Be Boring

People don’t talk like robots. If they’re talking about your product or service, they probably have some enthusiasm for it. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t go off track once in a while—and if you try to edit out every single part of their testimony where they stray, you will most likely produce a choppy video with “um’s” and long pauses throughout. 

Instead of editing out all of those little pauses and deviations from the script, why not sit back and let your interviewee do what came naturally to them? It’ll be easier during post-production to cut an “um” if you need to.

Pick a Comfortable Environment

Though it’s not always possible, choose a place where your interviewee will be most comfortable while being recorded. If they happen to be interviewed in their own home or office, there is no doubt that they’ll feel more at ease. 

In addition, consider the lighting and background of the room—you don’t want any distracting elements behind them while they’re speaking on camera. You can always add some filters or change the text overlay after filming concludes.

Share Information with the Interviewee

Remember: The interviewee has never done this before! Give them a quick rundown on what you plan on doing beforehand. Explain how they should speak and at what time they should expect to speak. 

If you’re doing the interview remotely, give them a heads up that you will be calling them at a specific time so that they can prepare their phone beforehand.

Pinpoint the Main Selling Points of Your Product or Service

When people advertise your business, they typically want to talk about how excellent your product or service is. However, if everything they say sounds like “this” and “that,” it’ll sound like a mindless babble to viewers. 

When you ask someone questions about what makes your company suitable, try to ask them open-ended questions so that several different answers can come out of it. For example, don’t ask, “Why do you like using our services?” Try asking, “What made you decide to use our services?” Or even better, make a list of several questions to ask them regarding your company. 

Wrapping Up

Ask the same question but word it differently so that they can talk about different things. Finally, make sure you are asking about specific experiences they’ve had with your company during

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