4 Types Of Arcade Games And How To Play Them

Arcade games provide a great experience for players. These titles can be enjoyed in public with friends and get games out of their bedrooms. Some even have a physical aspect to them, too!

Moreover, arcade gaming is becoming more popular, especially in the UK. Europe’s biggest video arcade is in Greater Manchester, which recently expanded to get even bigger by adding a fourth floor. It wouldn’t be possible if there weren’t heightened interest in this branch of gaming, so it’s well worth seeing what all the fuss is about.

There is more than one type of arcade gaming too. To get a well-rounded experience, it’s recommended that you play through at least 4 different types of arcade gaming before deciding whether it’s for you. Here are the ones you should try!

Sports Arcade Games

Sport has always had a presence in video games. Of course, sports can be games too, so it’s a match made in heaven, enabling avid fans to live out their fantasy careers on a digital medium.

Take a look at this comprehensive list of the best arcade sports games available to play today. There’s Super Dodgeball, Super Punch Out!, Neo Turf Masters, and Windjammers. There’s so much variety you’re guaranteed to find something that speaks to you. Some of these put a new twist on things like golf and air hockey and can provide hours’ worth of fun. If you want to learn more about how to play them, browse Bitcade’s resources and guides.

There is also an arcade version of air hockey that isn’t digital. There’s a table ready for you, blowing air up from the surface. Two players compete against each other, each with a mallet in hand, and the goal is to hit the puck into the opposing player’s goal. It’s simple, straightforward fun – though make sure you don’t hit the puck too hard, or it can fly off the table.

Of course, the great thing about sports arcade games is that competitive people can really shine here. You and your friends are guaranteed to try and set personal bests and beat each other’s records. Still, it’s important not to go overboard. It’s just a game, so play with as cool a head as you can!

Shooter Arcade Games

A lot of people like play violent games. However, shooter arcade games can take the sense of roleplaying and immersion to the next level. Instead of having a controller, these variants will often have a plastic light gun to use instead. You can point it at the foes on your screen and squeeze the trigger, and your digital foes should be bested if you shoot well and on time!

Some users of these games encounter difficulties when navigating menus and UI interfaces. Still, it’s easy to overcome these challenges. You must use your light gun to run through options and point and shoot at your selections. Even adjusting your settings can be a bit of fun.

Select shooter arcade games will also have a peddle on the floor for you to stamp on. Typically, this activates a ‘duck’ or ‘cover’ mechanic, enabling your player character to dodge volleys of gunfire and explosions. Keep your eyes peeled for those too!

Driving Arcade Games

Shooter arcade games aren’t the only types to have props involved. Driving arcade games also have an element of physical immersion.

These types of arcade games come complete with a steering wheel and sometimes even a driver’s chair. Moreover, these games can have more in common with simulators, sometimes having realistic in-game physics involved. Remember that as you accelerate and manoeuvre!

Popular game franchises today have a long history of appearing via this medium, such as Mario Kart and Need for Speed. If you’re familiar with those, you might already have some idea on how to play. Driving arcade games can be played two-player if another chair and wheel are available too.

Dance Arcade Games

Dance arcade games can be very physical. They’re a great choice for an arcade game if you are eager for a laugh with a group of friends.

Try not to have any doubts about this either. After all, dance and arcade games often go hand-in-hand, so there’s room for some crossover here. They can liven up any atmosphere and help people let loose almost as much as a regular dance floor.

These games generally work by players standing atop a raised platform. Upon the floor of them are arrows pointing in every direction. On the screen ahead, these same arrows will appear in sequential order, glowing to prompt the player to step on them in time with the music. Raising the difficulty setting will make these arrows fly faster on the screen, demanding faster movements.

Whether you’re an expert arcade game dancer or flailing around hopelessly, you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun with these types of arcade games. You don’t have to win to have a good time.


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