Which Dishes Better to Cook in Air Fryer, Than at Oven

If your family member or friend has cottoned onto the latest kitchen technology, you may have heard all about it at this point in time. And through all of the praise and boasting they might do about it, they are probably telling you some really interesting facts about it! It does cook things in a revolutionary way and does look like it’s going to be the perfect kitchen appliance for people that want their food healthier and are in a bit of a hurry. But as much as your friend may boast about their new one lots, it doesn’t give you clear evidence of how fantastic the Air Fryer is. What you need is something that you can make some sense of. Well, one thing that people are loving about Air Fryers is there versatility. They can cook just about anything in a way that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but you can traverse new food terrain by trying something you never have before. Don’t believe us, well we’ll tell you of a few examples of dishes that you can perfect using the amazing Air Fryer. Hold on to your hats, because before you know it, you’ll be making these dishes yourself, so you’ll be able to enjoy them in all their splendour! To read more about the fantastic dishes that you can use your Air Fryer to help prepare at nuwave brio air fryer reviews, you can find different interesting things!

Chicken and Chips

A favourite of people all over the world. But, do you ever find that, that by the time you’ve allowed yourself this little treat, cooked the delicious food in your normal fryer and eaten it, it’s time to clean up! Well good luck to you! It can be so troublesome trying to clean your fryer after cooking food. There is dried oil and grease everywhere, and no matter how hard you scrub it just doesn’t seem to come off. By the time you’re done you regret having made the chicken and chips in the first place. Well, you won’t be having any of that when you make chicken andchips in the Air Fryer! It comes out perfect absolutely every time with the chips crispy and delicious and the chicken juicy as you like it! What’s more is, the dish is so much more healthy when made with the Air Fryer as you haven’t soaked your ingredients in oil and batter. So you’re able to enjoy your food, not have to worry about cleaning up too much, and you don’t have to worry about the health impacts of what you’ve eaten, as the Air Fryer makes everything that much healthier!


Yes that’s right! That Italian little pocket of goodness and wonder is also achievable in the Air Fryer too! For those that don’t exactly know, a Calzone is basically a pizza that is folded in half! It’s absolutely delicious and a bit of an interesting way to eat a pizza as well! It’s quite a problematic dish to make normally. It’s hard to get the oven to penetrate that outer coating to really cook the inner ingredients and it often comes out too soggy, or well to hard and partly burnt. Well, you don’t have to worry about this any longer! Roll your dough, put your sauce in, put whatever you like in it: mushroom, rocket, cheese, pepperoni, peppers whatever you want! Roll it up and put it into your best rated toaster oven, putting it onto a high heat. The Air Fryer will crisp the outside of your Calzone perfectly allowing you the chance to make the best one you’ve ever made! Just make sure that you don’t get too excited and eat it too quickly, as you will definitely burn yourself!

You may be fooled into thinking that the Air Fryer will only be able to do very menial tasks, like chips and things like that. But the truth is that this wonderful machine is not restricted to what you used to make in your deep fat fryer. When you buy the Air Fryer you’re buying into a culinary exploration! You can make so many things in there and they all come out wonderfully as well, if you’re wondering what other recipes you can get just search online. And if you are itching to get an Air Fryer for yourself have a look at cuisinart air fryer reviews as you’ll find loads of models there!


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