What is the best Watermark Cloud Software?

We all like to personalize things that belong to us. Yes, that is a fact. Personalizing our stuff is a part of our daily desire to show that this particular thing is ours and not someone else’. This gives us a sense of ownership to what belongs to us. If you love your media stuff like videos, pictures and images, then you would want them to be only identified by you as the owner and no one else. For this reason, adding a watermark to your videos and pictures is the best way to show identity and ownership of your media file.

If you want to add a watermark to your pictures, videos and other images in order to identify them with yourself, then you need a tool that can be able to brand your media file with a watermark that will give you an identity and ownership to your media files. Adding watermarks to your images is good because it makes it hard for people to claim ownership to your media files by sharing them on the internet without your permission. Having a watermark on your images helps people identify them with only you alone. And this is quite good for it gives you a sense of ownership and you can claim copyright if your stuff is shared and used for the wrong reasons.Watermark Cloud Software

How to Add Watermark to Media Files Using Watermark Cloud.

Now, as I have mentioned earlier, there is quite a lot of advantages to adding a watermark to your media files especially if you have a website where you more frequently share images or even videos. This makes it hard for people to download your content and share them on their platforms as theirs. A watermark will include a name or a brand of yours on the media files which indicates that that particular video or image belongs to you.

To be able to brand your media files with a watermark, then you need a tool that can be able to add a watermark to your images and other media files. For this purpose, watermark cloud software is the best watermarking tool that can give you the best services.

Watermark Cloud Software and its Features.

Watermark Cloud tool is one amount the best watermarking tools available at the moment. Watermark Cloud is an integrated tool for processing images and videos, which combines watermark managing, image cutout, video editing, and converting together. With strong AI technology, it offers creators, video makers, and designers the best solution. This watermark management tool is not only PC software but also a web-based online tool.Watermark Cloud Software

Watermark Cloud Features

Watermark Cloud comes with many features. Watermark Cloud is not only made for adding watermarks to your media files, but it contains a lot of features that can help you customize your media files and make them more enhanced than ever before. Let me highlight some of the key features that come with Watermark Cloud.

  • Add watermark to images
  • Add watermark to videos
  • Remove watermark on videos
  • Remove watermark from images
  • Extract audio from videos
  • Remove unwanted backgrounds from images
  • Add subtitles to videos
  • Video format converter

Why Choose Watermark Cloud

Having highlighted some of the key features above, the big question is, why choose Watermark cloud tool as your watermarking tool instead of other watermarking tools? Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Watermark Cloud as your watermarking partner.

1. Automatically removes watermarks online.

Watermark cloud is a web-based tool that supports efficient image and video processing online without downloading the software on your computer or mobile phone. The only thing you need to do is upload the image or video you want to remove the watermark from. Select the watermark you want to remove. Watermark cloud system will automatically remove the watermark for you. Download the video or image you have removed the watermark from back to your pc or mobile device. Just as simple as that.

2. Add watermark to image and videos Easily

Besides removing watermarks from videos and images, Watermark Cloud also serves another purpose. Watermark cloud can also add watermarks to your images and videos. It is simple. Just like with removing watermarks, just upload your video or image you want to watermark. Add a text, image, logo, brand name or anything you want to add to the image or video as your watermark.

3. Intelligent Cloud Cutout for background removing

With intelligent image matting technology, the Watermark Cloud features background removal functionality. By scanning the picture with artificial intelligence, Watermark Cloud will cut out the background, just leave the portrait or object you expected.

4. Smart AI technology for Incredible Image quality

By applying the latest generation AI technology, Watermark Cloud can do processing of image and video quickly without suffering from definition losses, which helps to keep the original quality of your file.


Watermark Cloud is the best watermarking tool of the current time. The best thing about Watermark cloud is that it’s an online based system and you don’t need to download a software to install it on your computer like other software. It is simple to use. You only need to open the Watermark cloud website, upload your image or video that you want to add or remove watermarks from. After you have finished, download your image or video back to your PC. It is so simple and cool.

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