What Does Digital Twinning Technology Mean For Your Business?

With the rising need for automation in the manufacturing industry, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are 74 functioning robots for every 10,000 employees globally, according to the International Federation of Robotics. Workflow automation promises plenty of benefits from reduced production costs to increased work efficiency. This further gives the businesses which have invested in automated technology a competitive edge over the rest. However, one aspect that makes such businesses lag behind is that they might not have automated how they record their data. While using humans to record data is easy, the information being recorded swiftly becomes, and is not usually done in real time. Fortunately, for companies that invest in digital twin technology, these challenges can be solved. Here’s some useful information about digital twins:

What Is Digital Twinning Technology?

Digital twinning technology acts as a gap between both the physical and virtual parts of the business. It is meant to make it easy to record data from physical assets in real time to enhance analysis and manage any discrepancies. Through the use of sensors, businesses can create a duplicate model of their equipment which can be observed digitally. For instance, engineers can create a virtual model of the hydro turbines in a hydroelectric power scheme through which they can access the efficiency of the turbine without having to take it out of the water. Such technology greatly enhances functionality, which then the saves the business the financial losses associated with downtime.

Areas Where the Technology Can Be Used

Digital twins don’t just enhance performance, they also help predict future functionality by simply analyzing the digital model. Businesses can get to improve product design, boost customer service and even make wise operational and strategic decisions. In the field of manufacturing vehicles, the technology can be used in assessing performance as well as tuning the design to overcome any flaws. In the healthcare industry, it can be used to save time and money through creating a digital model of the patients. As a result, physicians can not only monitor the patients but also identify issues that might call for preventative healthcare. Companies that utilize the technology will enjoy an increased market share value and offer superior customer service.

What Does The Future Hold For The Technology?

With the increased prevalence of the IoT comes the emphasis on the need for digital twinning. In fact, it is anticipated that by 2022, at least 85% of all IoT platforms will house some form of digital twining technology. The introduction of smart gadgets that connect to the internet will allow you to have remote control of the various aspects of business and life. For instance, such technology might allow businesses to switch on the lighting remotely, thus reducing energy bills.

Simplicity means everything when it comes to business growth. The digital twining technology smoothens how businesses can handle workflow, increase efficiency and cut down costs. Firms that employ the technology can, therefore, get to be one step ahead of the competitors.

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