Using Network Olympus to Improve Network Organization

A manually generated network map doesn’t give you the tools and advantages that automatic mapping tool like Network Olympus could: real-time alerting and monitoring of changes in the network, as they continue to happen.

Having a good network mapper allows it to act as a watchdog for your entire network, keeping an eye out for problems and reporting them in real time.

If your server has too much uptime, you can’t have too much monitoring. A network mapper helps fills the gaps that ordinary networking and monitoring system have. This gives you a 360-degree view of the full network deployment.

What is Proactive Network Monitoring?

Proactive monitoring is an important key to maintaining network uptime. Being ahead and aware of 14 potential situations that can potentially harm your network will help you achieve the highest level of service from within your organization.

Speaking of service levels, does your network have service level arrangements that you need to maintain? Not being able to meet those service levels will result in a lack of customer trust, which leads to a loss to your business.

Naturally, you’ll want to have your staff prevent this problem from occurring. And having a network mapping tool to keep an eye on your systems, routers, interconnectors, and switches, and give it a warning at a predetermined level before you’re able to saturate the capacity.

While this ties into capacity planning, you’ll be able to maintain your service levels, avoiding fire fighting management issues for your staff and keeping your upper management levels happy.

How Does Network Olympus Help?

Network Olympus gives you a 360-degree view on the network. This view allows you to spotlight suspicious activity for every device that’s connected. In fact, network Olympus is a tool that helps create a baseline for user activity and traffic through sFlow or Net Flow protocols.

This adds to its overall 360-degree view, giving you and your IT team the insight to not only the entire state of the network but also the destination of the data and the direction that it travels.

Data encryption is another feature that Network Olympus shines in. It gives you the ability to protect your data, by creating a code that’s untraceable. Through data encryption, you can customize user access to the way you see fit.

Also, it will constantly create and update patches for any security holes that are present. While these security threats can be common, having good security tools can help notify your users once it’s launched. As a result, you’ll be able to take complete control over the advanced security measures of your network.


Any team that’s responsible for managing a healthy network will need every tool that helps them get a comprehensive view of its mechanics. Capacity planning, monitoring, and troubleshooting all benefit from software tools such as Network Olympus.

Whether you’re working with smaller enterprises, you’ll find it easier to get more information and respond faster to alerts. Your team will thank you for creating a mapper as it will help them respond more appropriately.

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