Top Software You Need on Your Work Computer

Many companies nowadays give their employees a laptop so that they can continue to work no matter where they happen to be. In the modern world, you need to be flexible and able to adapt to anything that your work life may throw at you. A laptop will come with an internet browser and an office suite, but the other softwares are up to you. Here are some of the software you should consider installing on your computer.

Virus Protection

This is a given. If your company has not got a preferred virus protection software they like using, take a look at some of the features of the most popular antivirus software on the market and decide which looks the best for your needs.

Even if you do not deal directly with sensitive data, you still need some form of virus protection on your computer. Hackers know how to access the data on your computer and steal information that could be valuable. They could even lock down the computer for a ransom, or completely wipe the hard drive. Such a risk is not worth it. Make sure you have an antivirus which protects against any malware which could threaten your business.

Shared Email

Frequently collaborate with other members of your team? To avoid time wasted by sending emails back and forth, opt for a shared inbox software for teams. A shared inbox software like Threads (which you can try for free if you want to get a feel for how it works) unites a team under one username and one password. Any information passed back and forth between clients or even other team members is all viewable from the email portal.

What’s more, this still does not compromise your personal security or privacy. Conduct your business in the manner best suited to you and then share the information with your colleagues when you are ready.

Invoicing Management

If you have to prepare a lot of invoices, software to help you track and alter them as needed will prove invaluable. This type of software is invaluable to a whole range of different trades and services. Why mess around with constantly updating paper invoices? Would you rather not have a software where you can change the software at the push of a button? You can also use this software to track payments received to make all aspects of book-keeping that bit easier to manage.

Invoicing software can also be considered invaluable to any business who are attempting to go paperless. Everyone needs to start doing their bit towards an eco-friendlier future. Moving everything online and going paperless is a great way to do so.

These are just three of software which many different people in all sorts of industries can make use of. What do you do in your profession and what tools and technologies do you need? It is almost a certainty that you will find something similar available for you to add to your computer. Your work laptop is likely to be your lifeline whenever you are not working in the office. Make sure it is set up to have everything you need for an effective day at work.

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