Top Graphic Design Tips for Small Businesses

Graphic design can be a nightmare. However, it is one of the most effective parts of marketing and needs to be done correctly. If done incorrectly, the graphics could push potential customers away instead of bringing them in.

If you are attending a trade show or exhibition you will want your roller banners design to be spot on and reflect the image of your company.

Fortunately, there are a number of tips that you can use to help your small business get graphic design right.

It Is Better to Have Fewer Colours

The colours in your design can make it look exciting and bright or professional and calm. Regardless of what you want to portray, you need to limit the number of colours that you use. When you have too many colours in the design, it will look unattractive and unorganized. This will result in a bad impression when your potential customers look at it.

If you look at some of the most popular brands such as American Eagle, Facebook and T-Mobile, you will notice one thing they have in common. Their graphic designs will have a main colour count of one to two. This does not count the use of black and white. You will rarely find that their designs having more than three colours.

Google and Windows do use four colours in their logos, but logo design is very different from graphics. These are also giant companies who are able to get away with the use of additional colours.

Simplicity Is Important

All good marketing materials will be able to convey their message in a few seconds. This is one of the reasons why billboards only have eight words or less. To meet this requirement, you will need to cut out the clutter and limit the use of redundant shapes, unnecessary words and extra pictures.

A lot of business owners will want to use every spare bit of space on a page. However, having some empty space on the page will actually make your message stand out more. It is also important to note that you can have just one message per advert.

A lot of the time, you can also leave your contact information out other than your business name and logo. If a customer wants to find you based on the advert, they will be able to find you online.

Consider the Viewer

This is a tip that you need to keep in mind for all marketing material including graphic design and writing. Think about who is going to be seeing your brochure or webpage. Consider their gender, age, location, and hobbies.

If you are creating a promotion graphic for a summer camp, you need to use bright colours that attract the children. Large and friendly font will also need to be used. Tilted images will add to the sense of fun in the graphics.

However, if you are creating a webpage that will be viewed by professionals who are upgrading their office, you want strong fonts. Cooler colours will need to be used and you should have a single, large photograph that is not tilted.

Alignment Should Be Favoured

Straight edges and right angles are something that humans’ favour. People will actually love things that line up properly even if this is not immediately clear. All you need to do to see this is look at some of the logos around you.

Many of them will have two lines of writing or multiple layers that are set perfectly. The layers may be to one side or within an invisible rectangle. Alignment is something that you need to improve the readability of your graphics as well as benefit the general appeal.

All Elements Need A Purpose

Everything that you include in the graphics will need to have some meaning. Each picture will need to impress and all of the lines should be separate. Everything will need to be there for a reason.

When you add random elements to the design, you will throw off the reader. The piece will also start to look unorganized.

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