Top 7 Apps Every Construction Manager Must Have on his Smartphone

Construction project management software has transformed the way construction projects are accomplished today. With advancement taking place every day, how can one not use it? Construction apps are a must-have for the construction managers on their smartphones.

Discover a list of seven apps for the smartphone:


It is the best application for creating and managing the punch list items, access essential data, log timecard entries, share and store project and much more. Above all, you can maintain RFIs, construction schedules, change orders, and other processes such as post construction punch list.


iNeoStyle is a construction app to assist the construction managers to prepare field report quickly and easily. The site managers or the field supervisors can make notes, produce professional PDF reports and take photos with the help of pre-defined project and report details with a few taps. The reports can then be shared through the cloud-based system such as Google Drive, Dropbox or email. iNeoStyle construction management app cuts down on time spent on paperwork. It allows focusing on the vital tasks on the construction sites.

CITB HS&E Test Apps

The construction board training board offers wonderful apps for construction managers. The app trains construction people, including managers with their case study questions on behaviour. CITB apps carry hundreds of MCQs (multiple choice questions). These can be further divided into topics such as Legal, Asbestos, Environmental, First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment, etc. The app monitors the progress and marks all the difficult questions for you to study in detail. You can take a mock test.


The project construction app helps in discovering the tools and equipment on the site. Tooltracker assists in tracking and maintaining a record of every item irrespective of whether it is bought or hired. With it, you can scan the bar codes on the equipment or enter the details manually. People can be assigned to each tool and mark which job site is used. With it, you can track the service history and maintenance. The price depends on the number of devices monitored monthly.

Handyman Calculator

On construction project management software, you are required to measure and adjust the measurements. The measurements are usually in decimals or fractions making things more complicated. You will need an easy-to-use calculator irrespective of the place you are in – office or the client house. It is a useful app as it comes aided with several calculating tools, such as cutlist calculator, fraction calculator, fraction calculator, concrete calculator, angle calculator, plywood calculator and so on.


Filling and printing out a business form is such a hassle. How nice it would be if you could do this on your mobile device. GoCanvas allows doing just that. It replaces the paper forms with digital forms and keeps them at one, easily accessible location. Compose work orders, invoices, audits and checklists. The signature capture feature can make people sign forms. Go Canvas makes it simple and automate the whole process of creating structure and saves time and money.


It is a dependable, reliable accounting application for the remodelling business. It helps in organising and maintaining track of the transactions as it comes aided with the invoicing system including tracking, reminders and the direct deposit options. Quickbooks provide reports in detail making you understand how the business is faring financially. It permits many users to log in for effortless collaboration.

To sum up

If you haven’t downloaded any of the above, then do it now!

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