Tips On How Phone Number Lookup Service Improve Business

The famed philosopher and scientist Francis Bacon once remarked that “knowledge is power”. This is especially true when running your business. Knowledge is the difference between making decisions that lead to success or failure.

Reverse phone lookup services are a powerful resource to ensure you are fully informed. Reverse number lookup searches through billions of public records to correctly match up phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, location data and more. By having access to one piece of information, like a phone number, you are able to quickly identify the full identity of the caller.

Here we will look at five ways that businesses can use reverse phone lookup services. You’ll see why reverse phone lookup websites can do much more than match a person with a phone number.

#1 Potential Prospects and Business Partners

How often does your or one of your employees meet a prospective client or business partner, but fail to get full contact information? Perhaps they don’t have a business card on them, or maybe it’s simply inappropriate to ask at the time.

By using a reverse phone lookup service you can easily find those people’s email, social media profiles, websites. This allows you or your sales team to follow-up on all of the opportunities that are available.

#2 Check Competitors

Understanding what other players are doing in your space can be a serious competitive advantage. By looking at your competitor’s social media profiles you can assess:

· How they are reaching and communicating with your target customers

· What topics in your industry of most interest to them

· If they are experiencing any customer service issues

· Industry events and conferences they will be participating in

· Content that they have published on their websites

· New products or services that they are launching

In order to take advantage of this rich source of information, you first need to get a complete picture of their social media presence. Spokeo service can allow you to quickly identify all of the social media accounts used by an individual or business. You can find this information using a name, phone number or email address.

#3 Outreach and Email Marketing

In one study on email marketing, it was found that for every $1 invested, the business achieved a $42 return. Email is an incredibly effective way of reaching out to potential prospects. Through carefully screening your target prospects you can send emails to people who exactly meet your customer profile. Email is also delivered directly to someone inbox, making it a form of communication that is very difficult to ignore.

In order to use the powerful medium of email marketing, you first need a list of prospects and their email addresses. This is where a phone number search service like Spokeo can help.

Just by having a list of phone numbers of your target prospects, you could quickly obtain the matching emails. With this email database, reaching out to your target market becomes relatively easy. If you want to use email marketing then having access to a platform like Spokeo is essential.

#4 Avoid Scams

According to industry observers, phone scams have reached “epidemic” proportions. A study by telecommunications firm First Orion found that half of all mobile calls were by 2019 scams. Because of the barrage of scam phone calls, individuals are becoming increasingly wary about answering their phones. Scammers have instead turned their attention to businesses.

Businesses make for a tempting target for phone scammers. Popular phone scams include false invoices for undelivered products and selling unnecessary services. One great way to protect your business and your staff is by using a reverse phone lookup service. This allows you to quickly identify exactly who is calling your business. This enables you to filter out real vendors and customers, from the phone scammers.


Using a reverse phone number search service is a smart way to make better business decisions. By quickly being able to obtain comprehensive information about the people you may do business with, you can avoid costly mistakes and identify profitable opportunities.

Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies and business development. He also prefers traveling, exploring the world and meeting new people. Maguire has great experience in creating and editing articles on different topics.

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