The Future of the Best Smart Mattresses

Does the title sound weird to you? You may ask yourself what in the world is a smart mattress and the answer is pretty simple – just like your smart phone, a smart mattress should make your life simpler and easier. You would wonder what on earth is so complicated about sleeping, right?

But, apparently connecting your bed with a sleep app is a great way to turn your simple mattress in a smart mattress. You can learn more about it here

If you’re a tech junkie like me, you’ll love this type of technology. Making a combination of your bed with a sleep tracker is a genius way to monitor your sleeping and see how it goes. If this seem crazy to you, let’s just think of all the people who suffer from insomnia, restlessness, wake up in the middle of the night, and have sleep apnea and so on.

Now they will be able to track their sleep schedule and the process of the sleeping itself, only by connecting their bed with such app.

Do we really know what happens during our sleeping hours? We are completely unaware of our surroundings, what we do, how often we move, how we sleep (position) and how it affects our general health.

I am personally really thrilled of the ideal of smart mattress because this way I (and in general the entire humanity) can finally see how my body reacts to simple things like my pillow, duvet, my mattress, whether I feel hot during my REM cycle (and I’m not aware of it), how deep do I sleep, what position causes me health problems and so on.

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Just imagine what a smart mattress can do.

Our entire development as human beings goes step further because we’re finally becoming aware of our most vulnerable phase during the twenty-four hours.

The answers to many questions are hidden in our sleeping hours; have you ever wondered why you feel so lifeless in the morning even though you have no blood issues, you eat healthy, lead stress-free life and workout frequently?

Turning your mattress in a smart mattress with a sleep tracking device or app will help you learn a lot of things you had no idea were setting you back.

This is a wonderful way to regulate many things you either weren’t able to, or were simply unaware of how to do it.

Just think of all those nights when you were woken up because it felt too hot. Imagine having a smart mattress that won’t put you in such situation where you’ll have to kick your duvet or stick one leg out.

You can forget about getting up and changing your sweaty pajamas and sheets. A smart mattress will be able to monitor your bed temperature, control the heat and keep the mattress cool at all times. This way you can be sure that during your eight hours of sleep you will be able to sleep in a thermo regulated and pleasant place. Just imagine that you won’t have to turn your pillow to the cool side, but have your smart bed keep it cool for you.

The future is not that far from now, and if apps that works as remote controls for adjustable beds already exist, I’m sure that a “simple” mattress can be turned into a smart one sooner than we think. We’ll finally be able to get to sleep on a bed that will follow not only our bodies, but our sleep patterns, temperature, movements and will adjust just how we want it.

This way, the smart mattress will make those eight hours even more efficient for us.

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