The eternal career of Álvaro Recoba

For some reason, it seems that many Uruguayan footballers love to play until later stages of their lives. The excellent 1xBet online betting website can be used for wagering on everything related to football in this part of the world.

Well-known is the case of Sebastián Abreu. However, apparently he got inspiration from another player: Álvaro Recoba. He was a highly talented player that could be deployed as a forward or as a midfielder, and he performed greatly in both tasks. The online betting website 1xBet is a great place to wager on players that excel in those tasks.

A lengthy career

Recoba played between 1994 and 2015. In fact, his retirement came in 2015, when he was 39 years old. Normally, players that perform attacking roles retire much earlier in their careers. Yet, he managed to keep a superlative level until the moment of his retirement. The Uruguayan national squad is a great team, and the website accepts wagers on it. The player spent the 21 years of his career in different teams in Greece, Italy, and of course, his native Uruguay. Some of the squads that enjoyed the talent of Álvaro Recoba were:

● Danubio;

● Nacional;

● Panionios;

● Venezia;

● and Inter Milan.

In fact, Recoba had quite a lengthy spell at Inter. This is another team that can be wagered at the 1xBet website. He played on that squad between 1997 and 2008. He had many legendary players as teammates, with whom he developed highly effective partnerships. Some of these players were Christian Vieri, Iván Zamorano, and the legendary Ronaldo.

A complete player

Recoba is probably one of Uruguay’s greatest footballers. While waiting for the next game of the Uruguayan national side, you can play only 1xBet live casino, which has excellent
games. There were many great aspects about the player’s skills. For example, he had
excellent dribbling skills that helped him to disorient any opposing defensive player who tried to stop him.

However, he also had an incredibly accurate long pass ability. This helped him to recover
the ball in his own half, and then send perfect long passes to the strikers of the squad. Many of those plays ended in goals for his clubs. Punters can play only on the 1xBet live casino before the next match of Inter, or any of the other squads where Recoba played, begins.

Unfortunately, there were also many downsides in the career of Álvaro Recoba. Most
importantly, he was an injury-prone player. This meant that he missed lots of games during
his lengthy career. Yet, he managed to recover from them and play at top level until being
almost 40 years old.

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