The 3 Ways That AI Can Help Your Small Business

Technology has continued to get more sophisticated over time and helps businesses in so many ways. One of the biggest innovations to change the business landscape is Artificial Intelligence, AI. It allows for a lot of automation which reduces a lot of wasted time so employees are able to focus on other tasks that are more important.

To grow a business, you have to remove a lot of different bottlenecks that have been holding it back. With the help of AI, this can be done without needing to take resources away from other areas that need them. In this article, we will go over some of the best ways that AI can help your business grow.

1 – IT help desk support

IT support centers are often overwhelmed because of the volume of calls and because of the complexity of much of the newest generation of software applications. One of the biggest issues is that the IT team spends a lot of time just managing the tickets that come and that takes away from the time they spend actually resolving issues.

Using an AI program such as AIOps will help take a lot off the team’s plate. It can handle diving deep into the data to make sure that the different software suites are working to their potential as well as managing the tickets that are coming in.

It saves a lot of money since it means that you don’t really need a data scientist to manage the software and fewer members of the help desk team to resolve issues.

2 – Customer service chatbots

Customer service is a vital part of any business but sadly gets neglected very often. One of the reasons is that it is often done by a team that isn’t interested in customer service or generally understands what needs to be done. To have a customer service team on staff is very expensive.

With people shopping online 24 hours per day it is even more complicated to provide fast responses and solve problems quickly. Using AI solves a lot of these problems. It is able to handle a lot of the small and mundane tasks which allows the team to take on the bigger and more time-consuming problems.

For instance, AI can be used for chatbots on a website. Most problems or questions a customer or user has can be answered by a chatbot since the AI is sophisticated enough to understand what most people need. This bot can work 24 hours per day and comes off as natural as chatting with a real person.

3 – Sales forecasting

Being able to look ahead and understand when revenue will be coming in and when it will be slowing down is essential to growing a business. The timing dictates when it’s time to invest and when it’s time to save so you can get through those dips. AI can give you a very accurate forecast of those times ahead.

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