Starting Your First Blog And Making Money From It

Starting Your First Blog And Making Money From It is everyone’s dream these days. If you want to start a new online business, then you must have thought about blogs. I did an overview of blogging and there is a full guide on how to start a blog as well on this platform.

You can start a blog in just minutes, start creating & publishing content (called “entries” or “posts”) and make it your online business. A blog for a business is an instant advertising solution. Once you publish a blog post, your Content Management System, eg WordPress, will ping major “ping services” immediately after you post the entry. Ping Is a free service that “send your blog entry notice” to search engines such as and a lot of other websites that use this service when a new blog is published, or when a blog post is updated.

Starting Your First Blog And Making Money From It

Every day, thousands of new “webmasters” create new blogs and use these blogs to get real income, using, for example, Google Adsense. Most content creators or “bloggers” earn thousands of dollars monthly with their blogs?

Well, in this publication, I will give you an overview of how you can create a blog and where the money starts coming in. Remember, Blogging is not a get rich quick thing, it requires Jeff Nali’s 3Ps (PPP). Passion, Patience, and Persistence.

Starting Your First Blog

1) You need to create the blog, you can use as free blog hosting, or just get a new hosting with a good Hosting Provider and install your own Blog using WordPress. We recommend using the last option. If you choose to go with the recommended option, you’ll need a domain name and a hosting plan(optional-but recommended). If you’re looking to start blogging for free, just choose, it’s free. You’ll get a new “subdomain” like (

2) Select the name for your blog, and most importantly, select your Niche. You don’t want to be writing about everything on your blog. Pick a specific category and stick to it. This way you will receive traffic from people who are interested in that topic and they will be loyal readers. Furthermore, ads that will be shown to them will be relevant and well-targeted, hence more money to you as a blogger.

3) Get content to post, The most important part of any blog is content. You have to be original. Pick a writing style and stick to it. Do not copy-paste content from other sites as this can lead to “Duplicate Content Penalty” from Google and your site will not be indexed in google, making it invisible to the rest of the world. You’ll lose traffic and revenue as well.

4) Monetize it, For a start, you will monetize through display ads. You only need to go to Google Adsense ( and sign up for a free account. Getting approved is not as easy as ABC, we will talk about this in another publication. Make sure you enter the correct info because Google will check your blog thoroughly to Approve/ Reject within 24hrs. Once approved, you’ll log in to Google Adsense and copy your Adsense Code and paste it on your site where you want that Ads to appear.

5) Promoting Your Blog: When all is done and dusted, you need to promote your blog to get traffic. First of all submit it to all niche-related or general blog directories. This will get you a lot of real traffic. Secondly, submit your RSS feeds to all RSS directory, Google, Yahoo and MSN. Contact other bloggers in your niche and offer link exchange, post in other related blogs and forums. Just use your mind, you can get lot of visitors free day after day to your blog, and with more visits, comes more money.

Remember Consistency is key, post every two to three days to get more fresh content. Be as original as you can, write it, don’t just copy & paste. After a few weeks, you’ll discover that your blog was approved in most “Blog directories” where you submitted it and that people are now visiting your blog and sometimes even leaving comments or feedback, and most importantly, your Google Adsense starts showing some impressions, clicks, and revenue.

Adsense Revenue is only one way of making money on your blog. We will discuss other ways of making money on your blog later.

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