Kenya’s Konza Technological City Vision 2030

Kenya is already one of the most developed and stable African nations, and is set to become one of the World’s new high growth economies. In the next 20 years, Kenya will become a middle-income country with a sizeable middle-income population and thriving industrial technology in retail centres. Kenya’s goal is to achieve an annual GDP growth of 10%, roughly what China has enjoyed over the past decade. The country has a envisioned a techno city widely known as the Kenya’s Konza Technological City Vision 2030. In the Kenyan vision 2030 manifesto, is the
development blueprint which aims to  kick-start this process. Realizing this goals means tackling the practical obstacles to growth head on. Kenya’s Konza Technological City Vision 2030 seeks to transform employment markets, enhance social infrastructure and build
national institutions
Konza technology city embodies this thinking. Designed to the beacon of excellence not only for Kenya but all of Africa. This city represents an ambitious vision of a modern, inclusive and sustainable Kenya. It will be a showcase of Kenya’s dynamite prosperity. The 2000 hectares city will be located on a green field site 60km south of Nairobi city. It’s already a location well served by excellent transport and communication links. The A109 highway connecting Nairobi and Mombasa runs through the site, Konza high-speed rail link is less than 4km away. Jomo Kenyatta airport is under 50km away.
Konza Technological city will be based on successful new technologies around the world. The master plan was put together by an international team of experts drawing on best practices from places such as UK, China and Brazil to ensure global competitiveness. The city will feature the world class commercial buildings and the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Technology park will be a high quality camp playing host to a number of companies. The
city is designed to allow face development which will commit to rapid growth while ensuring that the infrastructure grow with the population needs. Sustainability is at the heart of Konza. The development will meet international environmental standards. Renewable energy sources will be used and recycling processes will be used. Low cost public transport will be built into the site.
In the commercial engine of the new city will be extra technology businesses, service firms and other rental services scented on the state of the art business and science work. East Africa will become one now and movement will be done freely due to the regional market created by Konza. The park will have world-class IT infrastructure developed by international IT suppliers and will be designed to meet global ICT demands.
Konza is set to be one of the most successful cities in Africa, competing economically and culturally with the best cities in the world. This city will offer all the information and insight you need to fully appreciate and take full advantage of Konza’s phenomenal growth. The Kenyan government has worked really hard over the past 5 years to create an environment that would attract investors to the country, especially in the technology sectors. For this reason, some of the world’s most successful companies, the most talented people and major international investors plan to come to Konza Technological City. Konza will be a very new kind of African city, for a very new kind of Africa. It will embody a full length of technological solutions which will transform Kenya and Africa. Konza is where Africa’s silicon savannah begins.
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