How to Transfer Files from Computer to Phone without USB Cable

For most people, moving files between their computer and smartphones is a process that can only take place with a USB cable. If your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth technology, your options on the wireless side are very much limited to the USB cable. However, there are several ways you can transfer files from computer to phone without USB cable one of which is using the AirDrop service.

What is AirDrop?

AirDrop is a service available on Apple devices running iOS and macOS that allows users to share content between their devices. With AirDrop, one can share the contents on their devices either with their other devices, their contacts or anyone with Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. AirDrop allows for the sharing of almost everything from contacts to pictures and others with other Apple devices within a 9 meter-radius.How to Transfer Files from Computer to Phone without USB Cable

To use this service, you will need;

  • An iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS 7 or later. The hotspot feature should be turned off.
  • A Mac with OS X Yosemite or later. That includes Macs from 2012.
  • Both devices should have active Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features for AirDrop to work.
  • They should also be within a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range of each other.

Transfer Files from Computer to Phone without USB Cable

Follow these steps to transfer the data;

  • First, activate the WiFi on your iOS device. You can either use the option available in the control center or go to Settings then WiFi.
  • Activate the WiFi in your Mac by going to the menu bar then choosing the WiFi option then Turn Wi-Fi On.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your iOS device using either the control center or the settings. On the Mac, go to Menu Bar -> Apple -> System Preferences -> Bluetooth -> Turn Bluetooth On.
  • Turn on AirDrop on both devices. On the iPhone, swipe up to get the control center then click on the AirDrop button. You will then choose between sharing your content with Contacts only or Everyone. On your Mac, go to Finder -> Menu Bar -> Go -> AirDrop -> Allow me to be discovered by -> “Contacts Only” or “Everyone”.

At this point, the two devices will be connected to each other and files can be transferred between them. Even when they are on different WiFi networks, they can still use AirDrop to share files.

To transfer files from computer to phone without USB cable using AirDrop, go to the Finder of your Mac and click the AirDrop option. You will see your iOS device in a little circle. To move a file to the iOS device, simply drag and drop the file to the icon.

If the two devices are using the same Apple ID, the files will be copied immediately. However, if you are sharing the file with a device using a different Apple ID, you will get a prompt on the second device where you can accept or reject the file. The file received will go to the same version of the app on the recipient version (e.g. photos will go to photos).