How to rotate a video in windows pc/laptops

Hello readers. Here is another interesting topic I want to share with you. I don’t know if it has ever crossed your mind or if you have ever tried it before. I want us to look at how to rotate video in windows pc/laptop computer. This idea is a great one more so if you want to view or watch videos in different angles. It is usually for fun. And many times it is a great experience in watching videos in different orientation angles. It adds a test to video watching experience. Read Also: How To Recover Deleted or lost Messages, photos, videos and files On Android Phones.

This method I want to provide is very efficient and is applicable to most windows operating system. It is simple and doesn’t require rocket science. Forget about the hustle of rummaging through the computer settings to find an alternative. It works on windows 7, 8, and 10 very smoothly. Let us now look at how to rotate a video in windows pc/laptops.How to rotate a video in windows pc/laptops

Method on how to rotate a video in windows pc/laptops

As I said earlier, there is a method by which this can be achieved without any head cracking methods. This involves installing an application or rather software on your Pc or laptop to assist you does that. This software enables you to change your videos orientation by rotating then in angles of 90 ̊ on your monitor or laptop screen. This software is called windows movie maker. This software enables you to customize your videos, edit them and also for this purpose, change video orientation in angles that suits your watching preferences. Immediately you download this software, you will know how to rotate a video in windows pc/laptops. Follow the steps that I will show you care to get this done.

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The first step is downloading the software. Download Windows movie maker software and carefully install it on your pc or laptop computer. You can download it here or from the official website. This software is the key way to rotating videos in windows and pc and your laptop.

Now install the software and then open it or run it. It will automatically open and then create a shortcut on the desktop for easy access. Now, open windows movie maker and then select on ADD VIDEOS AND PHOTOS. This will direct you to the source of your videos on the computer where you can browse files and then add videos to windows movie maker. Now, select the specific videos you want to load on the software and rotate.

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The now in the Editing option, select the rotate icon and you will rotate your video now in the angular direction of your choice. You can now save your videos if you feel and watch them in angular view you chose in the settings. There are other features too that come with this software but it is very good purposely for this function. This software is a genuine one and it comes from the Microsoft website, therefore, it fits the windows requirements and you can be guaranteed it will serve its purpose. This is the simplest way on how to rotate the video in windows pc/laptop.