How To Repair IMEI on TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) Smartphone

Hello dear readers. Welcome again to technology sage where tech meets institution. In today’s article, I am going to show you how to repair IMEI on TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) smartphone. Welcome and stay tuned until end. First, you should know that repairing IMEI on Android is forbidden and illegal in most countries. So make sure that you are doing it for proper reasons. For that reason, this article is strictly for educational purposes on and technology sage will not be held responsible for any piece of information obtained here.


There are reasons why you may need to change IMEI on your phone. If your phone has got invalid SIM or cant access the network service, then you need to repair IMEI. If you have flashed TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) smartphone and you have ended up with no network or INVALID SIM problem, then there is need to repair IMEI on your phone. In this article, I am going to give you a detailed description on you how to repair IMEI on TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) smartphone. You can also check our other article on How to manage Android smartphone On PC/laptop using Wondershare.

How To Repair IMEI On TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) Smartphone Using NCK MTK Tool

Now, that you have assessed everything and concluded that the problem with your phone is not hardware oriented. If it is hardware oriented, kindly visit a mobile repair shop and have a qualified technician check and fix your phone. Now, let us look at what we shall need to repair IMEI on TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) smartphone


  1. NCK Flashing tool
  2. USB DATA cable
  3. V COM Drivers

Now, follow the following steps to

Step 1

At this point, having met the above requirements, now, the first thing to do is to launch NCK tool. If you have NCK Dongle is ok you can use it. If you don’t have NCK, you can use NCK crack tool. If you don’t have NCK crack tool, reach me via Facebook we can make arrangements on how you can have the tool. You can also read my other article on D Light M200 Payjoy unlock

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NCK 1.JPG

Step 2

Having launched NCK tool, on the NCK dashboard, click on the ‘IMEI UTILITY’ tab .as shown in the screenshot below.

C:\Users\ABALA\Pictures\NCK 1.JPG

Step 3

Under “IMEI UTILITY” Tab, Select IMEI 1. Under that, there will be some default IMEI numbers. Delete them to leave the IMEI field empty. Now, remove the battery on your TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) smartphone and under the battery, you will see the IMEI numbers. Key in IMEI 1 in the IMEI field on the NCK tool. Now, click on “REPAIR IMEI” button.


Step 4

On your TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) smartphone, power off the phone, insert the USB Data cable. The phone will reboot up in Meta mode. Don’t interfere or disconnect. After the phone has entered Meta mode, after your phone is in Meta mode, NCK will repair IMEI 1 as shown below


Step 5

Now, after IMEI one has been correctly written, your TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) your TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) smartphone will boot up. Dial *#06# to check if your IMEI 1 is correctly written. Repeat the same procedure for IMEI 2 and after it is written, check by dialing *#06#.

That is the simplest method on how to repair IMEI on TECNO POUVOIR 3 (LC6) smartphone. In case you have any questions or any inquiry, kindly reach us on social media or email us. And kindly don’t forget to subscribe to our website to receive latest updates on the posts we publish and also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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